In Costa Rica they Create a Diary that Serves as Support for Patients Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

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    In order to support people who are diagnosed with breast cancer, Sharing the Journey: A Patient Support Diary for Patients was launched this week. It is a 58-page book that contains stories, testimonies, simple advice, step-by-step instructions on how to live with the disease, different approaches to the process and others, which allow better management of the emotional curve that is experienced when finding out. who lives with cancer.The diary was created by Roche and by breast cancer patients.

    The company created a space with four allied patient organizations:

    • Anasovi
    • United against Cancer
    • Metamorphosis Association
    • Fundamuro

     Guided by the author of the diary, Gabriela Orozco, they built a roadmap that supports those whose lives change from one minute to the next due to a diagnosis of this type.

     “Many doubts are generated about the steps to follow, it is difficult to normalize and digest the unknown process, which is why the diary becomes a fundamental tool in our alliances with patient groups,” said the director of Corporate Affairs of Roche Caribbean, Central America and Venezuela, Melissa Delgado.

    Breast cancer, the one with the highest incidence

     Breast cancer continues to be the one with the highest incidence.  In 2020, 2.3 million new cases of breast cancer had been diagnosed in the world.  685,000 died from this disease. In Costa Rica that same year, more than 1,600 women were diagnosed.

     For this diagnosis, the time factor is key, according to the company.Data show that a woman who is diagnosed with breast cancer in early stages has more than a 95% chance of being alive five years after her diagnosis.  This percentage is reduced if the diagnosis is given in metastatic states, that is, when the cancer cells have already established themselves in other parts of the body.

     “It allowed us to better understand the moments that we live through the disease, we all have the same diagnosis, but the treatments, the day-to-day, the way we face it and the possibilities we have are not the same,” said the president of the Women in Pink Foundation, Marcela Campos.She said that that is why it is important to know the other stories, to feel the support and to be able to answer simple or complex doubts about this process.The diary was launched in Costa Rica and will soon be available for patients in Panama and the Dominican Republic.

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