Improvements Were Made to Rest Bays of the Santa Rosa National Park Universal Trail

    It is a resource that has a series of information stations and bays to rest or admire the landscape

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    Improvements were made to the rest bays of the Universal Trail of the Santa Rosa National Park to receive tourists this beginning of the year.The Indio Desnudo Universal Access Trail of the Santa Rosa Sector is a complementary infrastructure in the facilities of the historic site of the Santa Rosa National Park. It is a resource that has a series of information stations and bays to rest or admire the landscape.

    The trail not only facilitates people’s access to the park facilities, it also provides them with tools to learn and have more information about the riches that the place contains. Originally in 2016, thanks to the SenderosHistóricos campaign led by the ProParques Foundation, this trail was created with the donation of private companies and support from the public sector.

    This trail houses a space for the enjoyment of all visitors to the Tropical Dry Forest ecosystem. It has a 550-meter route that joins the Pozo trails with the Indio Desnudotrail, plus 580 meters of nature trail.

    Maintaining safe transit through these spaces

    After six years of its inauguration in April 2016, a large number of tourists have passed through, making the materials of the rest bays, which are outdoors, fulfill their useful life at the level of benches and floors, which is why which since mid-November 2022 maintenance work began to maintain safe transit through these spaces.

    Currently, the metal structures have been reinforced, anticorrosive applied, and all the wood known as plydeck (high-thickness slats designed for external applications exposed to the weather) has been replaced by wood based on bamboo fibers developed as an ecological and durable wood that replaces the increasingly scarce tropical hardwood.

    According to Juan Carlos Carrillo, from the ACG Ecotourism Program, the follow-up of these works is in proportion to what at the time was to attend to aspects of Law 7600 of the original project and that now leads us to comply with the respective maintenance of this important resource which is a facility for our visitors.

    Accessibility for all

    This trail also has a rolling surface for wheelchairs, made with permeable concrete to prevent waterlogging, a solid concrete block curb to support people who use a cane, tactile slab for the blind, QR codes with audio,  among others. The 4 rest bays are arranged every 100 meters, there is also a bridge with triple barrier and sanitary service according to Law 7,600.These works are critical to keeping protected wilderness areas accessible and safe for visitors. For visits you can consult Whatsapp 8886 9510.

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