If You Dream of a House by the Beach in Costa Rica, The Time is Now to Make it Come True

    Columbus Heights estates at Playa Hermosa, Jaco

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    Many people dream of having a second home in the countryside or on the beach; and thus more and more people can access them. However, it is important to have a clear action plan to know and understand why you want to buy this home, how it will be financed and what use it will be given.

    In this guide we clarify all those doubts so that you can make the best decision on whether or not to buy a second home on the beach or in the countryside. You will learn the “requirements” to see if you meet what it takes to finance this type of property. We will also give you tips to know how to choose a property according to your needs.

    We hope that our guide will be useful to you and help you to know whether or not it is time to buy that longed-for house or apartment on the beach or in the countryside.

    Tips for buying land on the beach or in the countryside without problems

     1. That it complies with the pertinent regulation

    2. That meets your objectives or needs

    3. Have a good location and connectivity

    4. Few things affect your surplus value

    5. The owner sells the property

    When you evaluate this type of property, do not lose sight of these tips that will help you enjoy your land on the beach or countryside from the day you buy it, avoiding problems related to its regulation, utility, accessibility and capital gains.

     How to know when is the best time to buy a second home on the beach

    Depending on the type of real estate, there are better and worse times to buy a property.In the particular case of homes on the beach, there are many more variables to consider than just purchasing a property to spend short periods of time or to use on vacation.

     In general, the investment is made with the intention of giving it a double use: on the one hand it is a property that can be rented seasonally and earn money. On the other hand, it also serves to go on vacation or start a weekend.

    Buying properties on the beach gives you that flexibility to enjoy, but also to earn money. To guide this important purchase and investment decision, we explain these factors below:

     Economic context

    Therefore, it is easier to acquire a second home today. Above all, for a business objective such as taking advantage of the tourist attraction of the country.In that aspect, Costa Rica has a lot to offer. Only in 2022 our country once again won the award as the best tourism destination in Central America.

    Your current financial situation

    After evaluating the economic context in which the country is, it is time to determine if you are in a good period to acquire a second home, especially if you consider buying it only for your recreation and that of your family, and/or for investment.

    Here it is essential to know if your objectives fit with the reality offered by the market, that is, the periodicity with which you will inhabit the new home or, if you decide to make it profitable, that your possibility of generating income with the rent is not limited to the time of summer.

    Emotional factor

    The present situation-country is a very good time to go out and acquire a new real estate.If you are thinking of buying a second home on the beach, first evaluate the local economic context as well as your financial possibilities, whether you use the property for personal use or rent.

    In the event that you want to make this home profitable, it is essential that you also consider trends in tourism, as well as destinations that not only have good access to beaches, but also have a social life and/or activities throughout the year.

    How to know if you have what it takes to buy a home on the beach

    Are you in a position to acquire a property on the coast or is it preferable that you direct your investment towards another real estate destination?Below we comment on the best circumstances that should lead a person to invest in a home on the beach and thus enjoy its benefits.

    Buying a home on the beach is not for everyone, as it entails as many expenses as a residential property located in a big city. Even more, being located in rather rural places and far from economic centers, it is not always a good investment.For this reason, if you are in any of the following scenarios, then we recommend that you buy a home on the beach. Let’s see if any of these is your case:

     Are you willing to lease

    Unlike a house located in urban areas, properties on the beach offer the possibility of renting them for short periods or seasons. In this sense, if you are willing to share it, then you are on a good footing to buy and invest.

    If this is your case, it is essential that you choose an interesting property not only for you, but also for your friends, family or third parties, in order to ensure that they rent it occasionally, being able to obtain an additional source of income as well as minimize the risk of non-payment of the dividend in the event that you finance via a mortgage loan.

    If you are buying with the intention of making a property on the coast profitable, try to evaluate aspects such as ease of public transport, access to green areas and proximity to shops.

    Do you plan to become independent or retire?

    If your children are grown and/or your financial independence allows you to think about working remotely or even retiring, then it is a great time to address the issue of buying a second home.

    This, not only because it is very likely that your lifestyle leads you to spend more and more time in this place, whether you are on vacation or not; but there is also a high possibility that, in the near future, you will even sell your first house and transform the one on the beach into your only home.

    Columbus Heights States at Playa Hermosa, Jaco: A new way of life in a New World community

    The world is changing and people need to adapt to the current situations we face. We are creating a decentralized sovereign intentional community to help those shift to a new better world. Be part of the change you want to see by becoming part of our co-living community at Resonance Costa Rica premier Playa Hermosa Real Estate Project: Columbus Heights States.

    Property ownership of an acre+ (5000SM) agro parcel with interlocking paver roads, hydrants, water, electricity and fiber optics.CoFarming is optional and property management is available. Build on 15% of the land and reforest/farm the rest.

    Investment options benefits available for you at Columbus Heights States

             Home Sites with turn-key building solutions. Property management and Retreat Center access. Join Resonance Rental Management program for income-producing opportunity.    

             Join the coop and establish food sovereignty.  We offer turn-key solutions to get you started on your agro parcel. From short term harvest such as vegetables, to long term fruit trees, we manage it. Being an autonomous and independent CoFarming community is relation to diet, health and nutrition.

             Living connected to mother nature & having your own secure land.

             Have easy access to clean water in our community via wells & rivers.

             Alternative Energy sources other than fossil fuels & nuclear. This includes all renewable sources.

             Connectivity: As an alternative to Big Data. Our own independent ecosystem servers are powered by Renewable Energy &Blockchain.

    The time to invest in a better life is now

    A one of a kind investment at Columbus Heights States Playa Hermosa, Jaco. Achieve a state of being totally awake and aware of the surroundings and connect to your spirit.

    For more information please visit:

    +506 8818 0262

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    Resonance Costa Rica
    At Resonance, we aspire to live in harmony with the natural world as a reflection of our gratitude for life. Visit and subscribe at Resonance Costa Rica Youtube Channel

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