Hybrid Work: A Gen Z vs. Baby Boomers Perspective

    Millennials and Gen Z employees seem to have adapted to hybrid work easily, this is not the case for baby boomers

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    Post-COVID, there is no “normalcy” regarding our work situations. With most interactions going digital, hybrid work has impacted generations differently, with each seeing the change from various angles.

    How does hybrid work affect younger generations?

    Millennials and Gen Z employees seem to have adapted to hybrid work easily, with many thriving in a home environment. In fact, our research showed that 62% of 18-25 year olds were promoted during the pandemic, compared to 13% of their 56+ peers.

    Is this generation facing any challenges in our flexible world? it seems not. 70% of Gen Z employees say the change in working conditions has improved their personal connections with colleagues and they feel more optimistic about work life.

    What about the Baby Boomers?

    At the same time, Baby Boomers feel the opposite. Working from home has made this generation feel more isolated, ignored and pessimistic, with just 30% of them saying hybrid work has improved connections with colleagues. And only 30% believe that employee productivity increased with the introduction of remote work.

    This is not surprising, as we must remember that this generation spent most of their careers working in an office. That’s not to say your mindset won’t change, but the research speaks for itself: colleagues over the age of 56 need to be cared for, with the right opportunities and support to help them embrace new ways of working and having success in our flexible world.

    How can business help everyone prosper?

    For companies trying to rebuild the schemes of work, it can be difficult to meet the needs of their employees, depending on their generation. And that’s before we look at other challenges, like paying for vacant office space and being able to monitor employee performance and productivity levels.

    Research says that strong personal connections in the workplace lead to better team performance. So, to bridge this generation gap and increase productivity, employers need to help their teams build social connections that foster collaboration and a supportive culture.

    That’s where technology comes into play. 60% of companies are investing in new digital platforms for their employees, and 80% of them say that productivity is one of the main reasons behind these investments.

    So, with the support of platforms designed to help coworkers connect personally, let’s hope hybrid work can get to a place where everyone is happy. After all, it is the age of the hybrid company.

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