Humor Could Define the Personality of Individuals

    According to a study by the Studio Psi.Co. from Italy

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    Researchers studied the relationship between the descriptors of comic style or humor and the personality traits of the “dark triad” According to the study’s conclusions, people who use fun and wit tend to be narcissists, and how they make you laugh could indicate whether you are a narcissist or a psychopath, according to the research.

    The researchers gave 715 adults two questionnaires: one to determine their comedic style and another to uncover any dark personality traits. They used statistical analysis to determine any correlation between the two. The eight comedic styles were defined in a 2018 study, and were divided into “lighter” and “darker” styles.

    The analysis, which was published in the academic journal Personality and Individual Differences, showed connections between each style and the dark triad of narcissism, psychopathy, and Machiavellianism. Narcissism was associated with two of the lighter styles: fun and, above all, wit. Witty comments imply the appearance of unexpected jokes, indicating creativity and intelligence.

    Lighter and darker styles

    According to the findings, there are four lighter styles: “fun”, “humor”, “silly”, and “wit”, which share a base of benevolence and positive emotions. The darkest styles are “irony”, “satire”, “sarcasm” and “cynicism”, all of them related to mockery and ridicule.

    Machiavellianism was also related to irony and cynicism, with a stronger correlation with the former. The researchers say this is because irony is used to highlight the weaknesses of others in a socially acceptable way that does not tarnish one’s reputation. Machiavellianism is characterized by manipulative behaviors, and these individuals may use this form of humor as a way to control others.

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