How to Strengthen Tooth Enamel

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    Enamel weakening often has no visible signs. However, the truth is that if it is damaged we are exposed to a large number of risks and external threats. Worst of all, the enamel does not regenerate. This outer layer can end up succumbing to certain factors (internal such as genetics or external such as exposure to adverse agents or poor hygiene). Protecting it becomes, therefore, a priority to ensure good health.

    But, what measures can we integrate into our routine to prevent and alleviate the wear of tooth enamel? Here are 4 basic tips that will be very useful. Pay a lot of attention!

    Minimize the consumption of foods that have demineralizing properties

    Fermentable carbohydrates aggravate the harmful effects generated by oral bacteria. Through a fusion process called demineralization, they secrete an acid that corrupts the natural minerals present in the enamel. It is important to avoid them or, at least, minimize as much as possible the consumption of sweets, soft drinks, bananas, breads or crackers.

    You should know that there is a wide variety rich in carbohydrates and that, in general, they are present in high concentrations in sugary or ultra-processed foods. In addition, maintaining an effective oral hygiene routine can help reduce the effects of demineralization because the remains of these foods tend to accumulate between the teeth after eating, which multiplies their effects.

    Implement products with remineralizing properties in your cleaning routine

    Another good way to protect the state of tooth enamel is to opt for a preventive solution based on remineralization. As indicated by Dental Implantdent, a network of reference dental clinics in the province of Girona, the regular consumption of cleaning products rich in remineralizing agents helps to combat possible aggressions and losses caused by corrosive acids. One of the most beneficial minerals is fluoride (which is why it is present in most dental hygiene products).

    Using fluoridated water is a good preventive measure, although you should bear in mind that to do so, it is best to speak to a specialized professional before doing so and receive guidance adapted to your case (especially with regard to dosage).

    Pay attention to your tooth brushing routine

    Did you know that your hygiene routine can be harmful to your tooth enamel? The intensity of brushing can end up wearing it down and in the long term generate sensitivity. To prevent this type of aggression, it is recommended that you opt for a subtle cleaning process and also avoid the use of hard bristle brushes. To enhance preventive cash you can:

    • Set the frequency of brushing at least twice a day using a brush with soft bristles.
    • Carry out your deep cleaning from short movements and making sure that the brush is at an approximate angle of 45 degrees.
    • Extend brushing sessions to a minimum of two minutes.
    • Brush all areas of your mouth (paying special attention to particularly vulnerable areas such as the tongue).

    Look for a diet made up of foods rich in remineralizers

    Did you know that modern eating habits have considerably aggravated the incidence of caries and the weakening of enamel? This was the conclusion reached from a study carried out by the University of Berkeley. Just incredible! Before the Industrial Revolution, it was not such a present health problem as it is today.

    What is the reason? The irruption of the industry considerably altered our feeding routines based on demineralizing foods. To prevent caries problems, you should opt for a party rich in those components that favor the protection of enamel. According to the ADA (American Dental Association) there are 4 categories of foods that are beneficial to health: Cereals, fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and low-fat dairy products.

    According to the US National Institutes of Health, cheese, for example, generates a demineralization effect that helps minimize the production of acids and balance the pH, something that, on the other hand, is also derived from the consumption of celery.

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