It Is Not Clear Yet How Microplastics Can Affect Health

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    The plastic that pollutes the seas also reaches people’s bodies, where it could cause changes in metabolism, reported a study in the journal Annals of Medicine. The research questions the analysis carried out by the World Health Organization. It explains “that no solid evidence points to the presence of microplastic particles in drinking water being a serious threat to public health“.

    The study was done with 8 adults from different countries; they had to give a sample of their stool to the scientists during a certain period. People had to take note of what they ate and the products they used during the last 7 days before collecting the sample.

    Subsequently, scientists from the University of Vienna and the Austrian Environment Agency looked for 10 types of plastics in the feces. At the end of the study, the experts found that for every 10 grams of waste, 10 grams of microplastic were found.

    Microplastics in drinking water do not threaten health, according to the WHO

    The result also indicates that most of the products consumed by the participants were stored in plastic. Both groceries and hygiene and beauty items contained the product, except for toothpaste. With these data, scientists concluded that plastic reaches the human body from different sources.

    However, these studies only show the existence of microplastics in products that people consume daily. But research continues to question what effects on health and the metabolic area the consumption of this material can cause. In addition, previous studies suggest that the average adult takes in microplastic from salt, water, shellfish, and also from the air.

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