How to Get Ahead When You Are at the Limit and Without Strength

    Even if you are in an extreme situation you do not have the right to give up

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    Most of us underestimate what we are still capable of when we are on the edge. The strength of the mind is x-times superior to our body but few manage to activate it.

    These are not easy times that we are living. Many people are in difficult situations that do not allow them to have an optimistic vision of the future. Even if you are in an extreme situation with debts, you do not have the right to give up.

    There are no excuses to give up

    People like Javier Echaleku have shown that you can get back up if you fall into the mud. He went from setting up a company that billed several million euros a year to losing everything and finding himself in debt when everything fell apart. In “I ruined myself undertaking” he tells his story in the first person on his blog.

    I am lucky not to have been in such an extreme situation. It is true that when you create a company you are always on the edge financially. Few set up a start-up having financial funds with which they can compensate for a lower income for months or years. It’s not just financial problems you’re facing. You run the risk of getting burned because your initial dream can turn into a nightmare if you don’t care.

    You can overcome yourself and achieve anything if you believe in it

    It does not matter if you are an entrepreneur or work for someone else. We all have moments where we are at the limit and it is very difficult to push forward. Since I have been running marathons, I consider myself a mentally stronger person. When you are already physically exhausted after 25km, you still have 17km to go but you still manage to finish the race, you know that anything is possible. It is then that you realize what you are capable of doing if you never allow yourself to give up and your mind ends up being stronger than your body.

    1. Do not blame anyone:

    Everything depends on you. Don’t blame anyone. If you really want things to change, stop complaining about third parties who have not done their job well. Others have been in similar situations as you and if they have succeeded. Perhaps things would have been easier if the world was not in the crisis situation that this one is? Stop wasting your energy justifying your failure and invest it in your future success.

    2. Visualize success:

    Imagine the feeling you will have when you manage to get out of your situation or achieve the goal you have set for yourself. You have to be clear about what you want to achieve and visualize that you have already achieved it. What most people do is take one step in front of the other without being able to look past the third step. If you have no idea how great the place you are going to arrive is going to be, there is no point in trying. In your head you have to have an image that is worth fighting for and not giving up. Remove that sign in front of your face when you walk so you can see what awaits you at the end of the road and realize that it’s really worth all that effort.

    3. Divide the long road into small stages:

    When your challenge is very big or your problem is very big, divide it into many small parts. For Javier Echaleku, this meant paying off one by one the people to whom he owed money. With each envelope of money he handed over, he had passed a stage and advanced a step. Studies at the university are not finalized with an exam. They are divided into many small parts because if you only see the mountain of books and pages that you are going to read, you lose faith that one day you will end up with a diploma.

    4. Think of your family and friends:

    When I run out of strength in my marathon races and I have no one to accompany me during the race, I imagine that every kilometer I will meet someone close. At kilometer 32 I’m going to see a childhood friend that I haven’t seen for a long time. At kilometer 33 my brothers are waiting for me. One later my parents are already waiting to cheer me up. I continue like this until the end and every kilometer I meet another dear person. They are not really there but my imagination allows me to create a feeling as if they really were. I do not want to disappoint them and therefore I draw the energy to move closer to the goal from where before it seemed that there was no strength to take one more step. This is how I continue to the finish line where my wife and my little one are already waiting for me. When you want to improve yourself, don’t think only of yourself. Imagine how proud everyone will be of you when you have finally achieved your goal. It is worth seeing that they are happy for you. Let yourself be inspired by the stories of the “finishers” to realize that really everything you set out to do in life is possible. What are your tips to improve yourself?

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