How the Electromagnetic Walls of Our Planet Affect Us

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    Recently, there has been a lot of talk about telluric radiation that causes insomnia and other physical and mental ailments. Geobiology maintains that on the surface of the planet there is a series of electromagnetic walls that intersect each other forming a kind of parcels, and at the points where the lines that delimit them intersect there is a quite harmful electromagnetic field that can affect our health.

    The good news is that some people have already started working on solutions to mitigate their symptoms, such as the protective panel for these natural geopathies. And what are geopathies? Well, they are those electromagnetic waves that emit radiation and that emanate from underground water veins or faults, contributing to an increase in the risk of suffering from cancer. Without being aware of it, it may be the case that we are sleeping on top of what is making us sick; hence the idea of using a protector as a barrier.

    A natural geopathic protector can be easily purchased on the internet. It consists of a plate that is placed between the box spring and the mattress, under the sofa or directly on the floor. The plates prevent us from receiving the direct influence of natural and artificial geopathies in the body, so that they help to preserve health and improve rest.

    Spending long periods subjected to geopathic stress from these natural radiations because below where we sleep there is a crossing of groundwater currents, is decisive. For this reason, it can even be studied if perhaps we should place the furniture in a room in another way to find a harmony that, together with these protective plates, reduces the risk.

    Problems caused by natural radiation

    Professional geobiologists affirm that these plates effectively work against diseases caused by natural radiation. Once we are aware of this, to help us live longer and with a better quality of life, we only have to make some small changes to create an environment in which to live happily, such as buying healthy products such as the plates of this guy. If it is detected that a room is influenced by strong electromagnetic pollution, it is advisable to act as soon as possible, and in a very special way if that room is the bedroom in which we sleep. Resting properly during sleep is essential for the necessary regeneration to occur.

    How to protect yourself with plates during sleeping hours

    Sleeping more and better at night is essential for health, for cells to regenerate and for the body to function at full capacity. People know this and that is why they try to find a way to eliminate all kinds of toxicity that could be an impediment to it, accompanying those gestures of good habits prior to bedtime, such as doing a little physical activity and avoiding copious dinners.

    And it is that when we sleep well we control our emotions better, our learning capacity improves, we keep our memory safe, as well as the functioning of the heart. Otherwise, the organism begins to give small signs that it is beginning to fail. They can be details from feeling certain apathy, noticing that mental performance declines, feeling tired, gastro-intestinal problems to the appearance of degenerative diseases such as cancer.

    Since it is not only about what we do before going to sleep, we must take care of the quality of sleep, avoiding the negative influence of telluric currents, in order to sleep relaxed and improve survival.

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