How Many Calories Does a Liter of Beer Have and How to Reduce Them to the Maximum

    Beer is one of the most successful drinks in Costa Rica and it is convenient to remember the calories it provides us to control its consumption

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    A liter of beer, what an exaggeration! Perhaps this has been your thought when reading what we are going to break down in this article: how many calories does a liter of beer have. But if we tell you that that liter that seems so much is actually three cans or four bottles, how does your body feel? Well, that’s because it’s relatively easy for brew lovers to drink this amount, especially during vacation periods like summer, when we give ourselves body and soul to dolce far niente. It is probably at this time that a good part of the 23.31 liters that we Costa Ricans drink per year are consumed on average.

    Beer has always been associated with that unattractive and healthy concept that is the beer belly, a label that is not entirely fair if we take into account that, for example, wine has more calories. Based on the fact that no alcoholic drink is healthy and should not be consumed, and in this case you can opt for beer 0.0 without remorse, it is true that we are dealing with a food whose nutritional profile is not so negligible. In fact, it is “rich in vitamins, proteins, folic acid and antioxidants”.

    They even dare to cite an investigation carried out by the Hospital Clinic of the universities of Barcelona and Malaga, called Beer, Mediterranean Diet and cardiovascular disease that related the moderate consumption of beer with cardiovascular benefits, bone health and obesity control. Be that as it may, we are talking about a drink that is produced by fermenting undistilled sugar, obtained from malted cereals, in an aqueous medium.

    How many calories does beer have?

    From the FEN they highlight the phosphorus content of the beer, also that of vitamin B3 and B12. They appreciate its carbohydrate content and a portion of vegetable protein, although without lipids. Likewise, polyphenols and natural phytoestrogens are present in their nutritional value. It has a total of 33 calories per 100 grams of product, so it is not a caloric or fatty food. However, it must be taken into account that a can of beer would be providing 110 calories, a bottle 82.5 calories, a beer 66 calories and a liter of beer 330 calories, an already excessive amount.

    We have also already seen how easy it is to ingest, that liter of beer; but it is just as easy to peck at the same time. Sip goes, snack comes. With which, normally, we must add a few more calories if we do not opt ​​for healthy snacks. That said, science is hell-bent on doing justice and proving that beer belly isn’t beer belly; However, there is controversy: on the one hand, there are studies that do point to beer as the culprit of abdominal fat and others absolve it, ensuring that it does not significantly influence weight gain.

    What they do seem to agree on is the finding that weight gain in beer drinkers can derive from heavy consumption and also from the context to which it is associated. Thus, while if you opt for wine it is not common to drink more than one glass, it is difficult to drink just one beer and do it, as we pointed out before, without snacking. A sedentary lifestyle and other unhealthy habits such as smoking are related to the profile of certain beer drinkers.

    How to make beer less fattening?

    In the first place, taking into account the latter, try to avoid a sedentary lifestyle and fritanga-based tapas that tempt us so much at the bar. Once this is done, the choice of one type or another of beer will help us reduce its calorie intake based on the amount of alcohol they contain and the ingredients used to make them. Thus, the least caloric is 0.0 with 100 calories per liter; it is followed by sin with about 200 calories per liter, light with 290 and Ale beer, with about 300 calories for the same amount.
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