Having Positive Thoughts Will Transform Your Life!

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    Reinforce your mind’s power!

    Achieving a job promotion, taking a master’s degree, losing weight… Dreams in life not only require a good dose of discipline and perseverance, preparing a list of goals every year and having a good attitude; it is also important to put your mind in your favor by positive thinking.

    Have you heard that phrase that says that everything is in the mind? For Blanca Mery Sánchez, director of Mente Sana and master’s degree in applied neuroscience, the tools of positive thinking, which she details in her book ‘The art of thinking well’, are in sync with today’s needs –which revolve around regulate emotions and be more creative and adaptive– 2 of the key competencies according to the World Economic Forum🌎.

    But why is it important to think more positive?

    There are multiple benefits! However, for Blanca Sánchez, a specialist in neuro-leadership, incorporating these tools makes it possible to overcome emotional exhaustion, strengthen brain function, as well as remain healthy and current in the new reality.

    06 keys to take care of your mental health during this time

    Do you frequently invade negative thoughts😔? With the advice of Blanca Mery, who recently launched the second edition of her book ‘The Art of Thinking Well’, we give you 6 keys to learn to think positively. “They were created in a format that I called micro-steps (small actions that, when added together, generate exponential changes)”, she explains.

    1. Have special moments both for you and your mind
      When was the last time you enjoyed a leisurely cup of coffee or had some alone time? It is enough to set aside at least 10 minutes a day to meditate, pray, give thanks or breathe attentively without any other stimulus; with this, you will be able to activate the parasympathetic system, which is in charge of creating a balance between being and doing.
    2. Change your current perspective
      Does getting up early, doing Yoga or Pilates seem uncomfortable to you? The expert recommends reconciling yourself with the discomfort that performing some activities can generate. “Not everything that is uncomfortable is bad. For example, meditating can be “boring” when you first start, but once you get into it your brain will feel liberated and recharged doing it”, she explains.
    3. Recognize your patterns
      Incorporating small habits that will change your life also includes reviewing how you act in certain situations. Had a bad day or argued with your boss? Review what you usually do when difficult emotions arise and find an alternative (and relatable) way to act.
    4. Write new stories
      Have you heard that phrase that says you are the author of the book of your life? Dare to tell a new story that includes the most important learnings that difficult situations have given you. “What if you review that painful moment you went through and think about what lesson you can take from it? That way you overwrite that memory in your brain and it will hurt less and less until it disappears”, explains Blanca Mery Sánchez.
    5. Eliminate negativity from your life and from your mind!
      Overcome the biases that do not let you adapt to change. If you fall into any of these mental traps: perfectionism, low tolerance for uncertainty, mind wandering… You are going to suffer all your life. The invitation is that you change your mental mode by applying curiosity, constant learning and mindfulness and you will see how you transform yourself in a kind way into the best version you want to be.⁣
    6. Unleash your creative genius
      May 2022 be your year! It is time to create in all areas of your life. How to start? You can start by stimulating your capacity for wonder; look for new topics, learn different skills and connect with people different from you… You will see how your neural networks expand, and you will discover that you can be creative.
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