Harness Your Inner Strength to Cope Adversity!

    These are simple strategies that can be done individually to improve physical, mental, and emotional health

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    Reinventing yourself, giving thanks and maintaining positive thoughts are allies to face adversity, but even more to develop internal strength. These are simple strategies that can be done individually to improve physical, mental and emotional health, says social worker RubiethCalvo, from the Institute on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (IAFA).

    Here are some ideas for developing those internal tools:

    • Recognize what you think, feel, and the way you act. In order to do this, take a break during the day, away from technological devices; just breathe and listen to your inner voice.

    • Identify emotions and, thus, adapt them to daily life situations.

    • Promote self-care; for example, exercising, eating a balanced diet, and talking about difficult situations with others to find solutions.

    • Cultivate positive thoughts for your own benefit; that is, to praise yourself, motivate yourself and encourage yourself to push yourself

    • Be grateful and recognize the strengths, opportunities and the good that is in each person. Do not forget that gratitude improves the relationship with yourself as well as with others.
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