In Costa Rica, tourists can travel almost anywhere they want, in comfortable and modern buses. Those who wish to rent a car will find a wide variety of qualities, including double traction vehicles. They are ideal for transit through secondary or rustic land routes.

If you, as a tourist, are going to drive, it is important that you do it carefully. You should also know the main traffic laws in our country. If the visiting time is short, it will be better used; the ideal option is taking local flights to move to distant places in just minutes.

However, it should be noted that some areas of tropical forest are only accessible by river transportation. On the other hand, the 2 Costa Rican airlines, or the dozens of foreign lines that arrive in Costa Rica daily, make it possible to come every day to this exclusive destination in Central America.

Tourists arriving in Limón airport

From ‘BED and BREAKFAST’ to a Convention Center

‘Bed and Breakfast’ hostels, bungalows, cabins, lodges, apart-hotels, fishing grounds, 5-star hotels or ‘Convention Center’, are opportunities that Costa Rica offers for every need, taste or budget. Mostly, hotels have between 21 and 60 rooms. The architecture of some hostels is tropical rustic and they are built with wood and bamboo. In each of them, regardless of their location, the most varied services are provided; from the reservation of an airline to the rental of a plane or a mobile phone.

Actually, it is not necessary to discriminate between pleasure and business. Costa Rica is precisely the destination that offers any service that the visitor requires. On the beach or in the mountains, in the main cities, on land or in the air over or underwater, there are hundreds of options distributed throughout the entire national territory.

National Convention Center of Costa Rica

Turning the tourism industry into a sustainable activity, from an environmental, economic, and social point of view is one of the main goals of the governing staff of tourism development in Costa Rica, the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT).

From ‘Gallo Pinto’ to haute cuisine

The natural wealth of Costa Rica does not exempt the pleasures of gastronomy. During his stay in the country, visitors can taste more than 150 varieties of fruits, among which blackberry, mammon, chas, banana, sapodilla, mango, guava, granadilla, cashews, and sour soup among others.

If tourists like to taste vegetables, they will find more than 30 varieties with the advantage that he can acquire them on Saturday mornings and Sundays, during the farmer’s fair, an open-air market in which farmers offer their fresh products at prices Very convenient for our visitors.

Flavor artists

With the firm conviction that cooking is an art, Costa Ricans will surprise the visitor with native dishes made from ingredients, which although universal, such as rice and beans, combined with the Costa Rican style, constitute the national dish called ‘Gallo Pinto’.

Gallo Pinto

In Costa Rica, the main meal of the day is lunch. In certain homes, on Sundays, it is served as a main dish either a succulent soup of ‘Mondongo’ or a nutritious ‘Olla de Carne’ (Pot of Meat).

Naturally healthy

The last thing anyone wants is to get sick during a vacation trip abroad. In Costa Rica, travelers who accidentally get sick can feel calm; the chances of getting viral diseases here are relatively very low.

In this sense, the incidence of diseases such as malaria, dengue or cholera is minimal. Fortunately, the country has an excellent health system that is characterized by permanent research and the development of a decentralized and preventive medicine.

But, to ensure a quiet stay, it is also important that tourists inform their guide where they are staying and if they need any special medical treatment.

High-technology facilities

Due to the availability of high-tech computer production instruments and highly qualified professionals, our country has become a preferred operations center for large transnational companies specializing in this branch of knowledge.

International tech companies in Costa Rica usually hire very talented local personnel

Important customers from the United States and Europe frequently demand software manufactured entirely here, where there is also the highest number of computers per capita. The greater access to the most important known databases and a vast electrical and telecom network put the country at the top of the computer revolution.

Many visitors may be surprised to find computers and fax machines in a jungle lodge. By just dialing a 3-digit number, it is possible to make an international call from the farthest place from the national territory.