Get To Know the Crystal Clear River That Turns Turquoise in Costa Rica

    You can witness this natural spectacle at the site known as El Teñidero, in the Tenorio Volcano National Park

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    The Tenorio Volcano National Park is one of the wonderful places belonging to the ArenalTempisque Conservation Area, located precisely in the Guanacaste Mountain Range between the cantons of Upala, Guatuso, Bagaces, Cañas and Tilarán.

    This is one of the youngest natural sites in the country, and in it it is possible to visit large territories of virgin forest, natural habitats where endangered species such as tepezcuintle, tapir and puma can be found.

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    Numerous rivers and streams are born on the slopes of the Tenorio volcano, the most important being the Chimurria River, of great hydrological value, and the Celeste River, of notable tourist value. The color of the Celeste River, surrounded by a lush forest, offers an impressive landscape, each time its crystal clear waters are tinted turquoise.

    If you want to know this natural spectacle, you can only witness it at the site known as El Teñidero, the point where the phenomenon that gives the river its light blue color begins. However, the diverse flora and fauna of the place offers some other attractions of interest.

    Among the interesting options it offers are:

    Río Celeste Waterfall: With a height of 30 meters, this waterfall is one of the main tourist attractions in the area, especially because of the color of its waters.

    The blue lagoon: it is a small pool of intense color due to the high concentration of natural chemical substances. Although it is not possible to enter the water, you can observe its landscape.

    The boiling or bubbling: They are fissures and cracks through which they escape typical of the volcanic activity of the place.

    El Teñidero: It is the only point where the change in color of the water of the Celeste River is appreciated, however in many sectors this color can also be observed.

    Hot springs: They are the product of volcanic activity and are located in the river Celeste.

    Misterios Del Tenorio: It is a natural trail with a distance of 3.2 km. Through it, you can visit the main attractions of the Park, such as the waterfall, the blue well, the borbollones and El Teñidero.

    How to get there?

    By vehicle, you can take the route along the General Cañas Highway towards Puntarenas; then continue along the Interamericana north to Cañas and from here, about 10 kilometers later, you must turn right towards the Bijagua sector, and then turn 9 kilometers east in front of the sawmill to reach the place.

    Regular hours are from 8 am to 2 pm, however due to the pandemic it is better to consult the Tenorio Volcano National Park directly in case of any changes. Rates for nationals and residents are around 800 colones and for foreigners it is $ 12.

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