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    Costa Rica is a beautiful country on its four sides. At the same time, it is a land that has harvested important achievements in human rights and development throughout its history … welcome to Costa Rica, the country of possible dreams.

    The magical landscapes of this land have long been the perfect setting for various Hollywood productions. Many of these have not only focused their content on Costa Rica; but they have also used their landscapes to roll the story.

    Our country is one of Hollywood’s darlings


    In 1995 the film directed by Frank Marshall was made near the Arenal and Irazú volcanoes. The latter appeared as if it were an active volcano located in a remote area of ​​the Congo. The plot centered on a group of scientists encountering this reality while traveling to this area in search of the lost city of Zinnj.

    Maximum bet

    This movie shows a college student played by Justin Timberlake who is scammed through an online poker game. After that, he discovers that the pasture site is located in Costa Rica. He decides to travel there in order to dismantle this gang, what he does not know is that in the end he will be convinced by a corrupt tycoon played by Ben Affleck to be part of this criminal organization. Although this film received countless criticisms for its plot, it shows the natural beauty that can be found in places like San José and Puntarenas.

    After Earth

    In 2013, After Earth, a science fiction film starring Wil Smith and his son Jaden monopolized all the looks. The settings that served as the perfect location to carry out the development of this story were La Fortuna and Sarapiqui.

    Jurassic park

    One of the best known films that Costa Rica used as its perfect setting would be Parque Jurasico. Steven Spielberg would find in our country that dream paradise to recreate the current home of the dinosaurs at that time. As additional data, it is proper to mention that a large part of the public, especially North American, was very intrigued by knowing our country due to the images obtained in this tropical paradise.

    This is how our country continues to inspire the ingenuity of many both inside and outside our borders. And what are you waiting to come? The invitation is made, the decision is yours. Costa Rica is waiting for you.

    Resonance Costa Rica

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