Hollywood Actor Joseph Gordon Levitt Looks For Photos of Costa Rica for His New Project

“Hello friends from Costa Rica, I am looking for photos of Costa Rica for a new project called PURA VIDA“, this is how the American actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt invited Costa Ricans through his Facebook profile to share images of our country with him to add them to his pictorial project.

“Look through the files, find a great photo taken anywhere in the country and add it to the project,” invited the actor from films such as Inception, 10 Things I Hate About You, and The Dark Knight Rises, as well as the famous series of television 3rd Rock from the Sun.

Gordon-Levitt founded the Hitrecord.org site, a collaborative space that shares audiovisual projects from around the world. “We are all storytellers at heart and make up the community, the creative, financial, post-production, product, and engineering teams, working together to provide you with the best collaborative and creative experience possible.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, now 39, has a long career in Hollywood, but his fame came when he played a young alien on the television series ‘3rd Rock from the Sun’. Those interested in posting photographs of Costa Rica on the site only have to enter the address https://hitrecord.org/ and upload the images, but the artist also invites to share videos and even phrases about the country.

“Let’s combine photos, videos, writing, and voiceovers about Costa Rica to create a collaborative short film that celebrates this incredibly beautiful country. PURA VIDA!”, Explains the site in the section dedicated to our country.

The publication, which already has more than 2.2 million reactions and has been shared more than 460 times, is accompanied by an image of the Irazú volcano that was taken by a user identified as @ Fluidmind23.

A growing trend

This is not the first time that a world-famous artist has looked back at the beauties of Costa Rica. A few months ago, the actor Zac Efron included the country in the documentary “With feet on the Ground”, the Kardashian family dedicated a special program to their vacations in the country and they constantly return to share memories of their visits to Costa Rica with their millions of followers in social networks, this to cite just some examples.

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