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    Costa Rica’s Biodiversity Is One of the Most Admired in the World

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    Costa Rica is home to approximately 5% of the planet’s biodiversity. Due to its wide variety of habitats, it has a nature where 500,000 species of animals and 10,000 plants and trees are found with a unique biodiversity in the world; with more than 50% of forests (data to be updated as of 2019) are present 20 natural parks, 8 biological reserves, and a series of protected areas where ecotourism lovers from all over the world arrive.

    Colorful birds and plants are found everywhere in Costa Rica

    It is one of the most admired territories in the world when talking about biodiversity. Here you will see:

    • Insects: There are more than 35,000 different species in Costa Rica and thousands left to discover, the country owns 10% of all the butterfly species in the world. Here you will find rhinoceros beetles, leaf-cutter ants, warriors, Hercules beetles, tarantulas, hummingbird mites, stick insects, dragonflies and, logically, mosquitoes.
    • Amphibians: There are more than 160 amphibious species in including tiny and colored arrow frogs of which some specimens have skin glands that contain a substance that causes paralysis and even death in animals and humans. There are also frogs, crocodiles, alligators, and golden toads.
    Red frog
    • Reptiles: They are more than 220 species and half of them are snakes. You will be able to see the ‘matabueyes’ viper (oxen-killer), the coral snake, the spearheads, the green iguanas, the Jesus Christ lizards, and the also malachite spiny boas and lizards.
    • Hummingbirds: A true paradise for birdwatchers, this country has become one of the most important sites in the world for this activity, thanks to the fact that it has more than 850 species of birds. Where there are swarms of ants, it will be easy for you to see birds of various species that feast with them and with the insects razed by them.

    The most-watched species next to the ants are the immaculate anthill, the umbrella bird, and the glowing quetzal. Other birds that are easy to observe here are the brown pelican, herons, parrots, hummingbirds, toucans, vultures, and northern jacanas.

    • Marine Animals: There is diversity such as giant turtles, dances, greens, Lora, and marine turtles; also, manatees, humpback whales, bottlenose dolphins, maculated dolphins, killer whales, sperm whales, blue whales, and sharks.
    There is incredible marine biodiversity under Costa Rica’s water surface
    • Terrestrial Animals: It has a variety of terrestrial animals including five different species of sloths, four of monkeys, anthill, armadillos, white-nosed coatis, jaguars, maculated ocelots, large rodents, and deer.
    • Plants: Its abundant flora includes 9,000 species of vascular plants. There are about 800 species of ferns and about 30 of heliconias (bird of paradise). Costa Rica also boasts 1,300 different types of orchids that have the rarest exotic black orchid in the world.
    Black orchid

    It has a richness in its diverse nature and wildlife making it one of the largest biodiversity sites on the planet, coral reefs and a plethora of animal and plant life that make this small country in Central America, very special if you are a nature lover.

    The number of wildlife per 10,000 square kilometers is 615. Demonstrating the spectacular and splendor it has to offer. Out of a total of 1,077,308 hectares, it has 25% of protected areas, 26 protected forests, 20 national parks, 9 forest reserves, 8 wildlife refuges, 7 wildlife sanctuaries, and 1 national archaeological monument.

    This glorious country covers a great ecological range of habitats. Due to its rich biodiversity, it was converted into the general center of the ‘Earth Council’, in 1992.

    There are currently 12 ecosystems in the country that include tropical wetlands, primary dry forests and swampy mangroves. It is also home to several rare animals and plants that are in danger of extinction such as the leatherback, hawksbill, olive ridley, and sea turtles green as well as the shining quetzals, the velvet, the macaw, the toucan, the hummingbird, the red ‘Lapa’, and the West India manatee.

    For that reason, the national government, with the help of the national and foreign private companies, does a strong and extensive work to protect the species in extinction. It was welcomed by one of the most ambitious conservation programs in Central America.

    The best way to get to know the splendid beauty of Costa Rica is to go on an ecological vacation, hire a local guide to enjoy the plant beauty, especially if you go hiking or go kayaking.

    The marine life is observed whales, manta rays, dolphins, turtles, sharks the show is infinite, especially near Coco’s Island.  It presents very diverse geography; to the northwest, a mountain range divides the country into 2 parts. In the middle of these mountain ranges, a plateau, and on its slopes, a plateau of fertile volcanic soils.

    In sum, our country has an extensive range of flora and fauna that makes it one of the most visited countries in the world.

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