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    Hummingbirds a Beauty of Costa Rica´s Nature

    In Costa Rica, we have more than 53 species of hummingbirds, which are distributed throughout the country mainly in the middle and highlands. Hummingbirds are...

    Flora and Fauna: A Deep View of Our Nature

    Costa Rica is home to approximately 5% of the planet's biodiversity. Due to its wide variety of habitats, it has a nature where 500,000 species

    Costa Rica Is a Bird-Watchers Paradise: Find Out Why

    Costa Rica is one of the preferred destinations for birdwatchers and photographers alike since it has a huge list of bird species compared to the size of the country

    Climate Change Impacts Costa Rican Páramo Species

    Thinking that the characteristics of global warming and, consequently, of climate change are non-existent elements, has distinguished through different studies and scientific investigations. This...

    Get Away from Stress and City Noise!

    In a hectic lifestyle, many people look for different alternatives to get away from stress and city noise during their days off or on...

    Meet the Impressive Turrialba Volcano

    Costa Rica is one of the Latin American countries that offer visitors and residents the greatest environmental diversity and impressive landscapes. These characteristics have...

    Have You Ever Heard of Canopy Shyness?

    Nature is awesome! It surprises us with its mathematical accuracy in the form of seashells, with incredible adaptations such as the change of color...
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    14 Things That You May Not Know about Costa Rica

    Costa Rica, it is known for its beautiful natural scenery, its biodiversity and its wonderful habitants happy. Here are 14 interesting facts about Costa...
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    Bird Watching in Costa Rica

    With an astounding biological diversity and approximately 850 species of birds, Costa Rica offers great opportunities of observation in spectacular places. For bird watching...

    Costa Rica’s Carara National Park Teems with Wildlife

    Crowded paths, loud beaches and more people than animals – for a few years now people have been complaining about the booming tourism in...

    Incredible Osa Peninsula Night Tours:

    Daytime tours are very popular activities down in the Osa Peninsula, and in Costa Rica in general. Daytime is when you can see curious...


    If you have done any research preparing for your visit to Costa Rica, you have probably noticed by now the beautiful natural landscape unlike...
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