Flexibility and Human Interactions: The Backbone of New Hybrid Working Models

    Company culture and human connections are key for an organization to thrive

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    Human beings are social beings by nature. Today, despite the dizzying speed of digitization and teleworking, there is still that primordial need to create community, because face-to-face interaction is at the core of our well-being, and it is no secret that purely virtual exchange cannot replace the experience of integrating in person as a team.

    Company culture and human connections are key for an organization to thrive

    A solid organizational culture allows employees to feel committed and work towards common goals, which leads to improved communication and, consequently, teamwork becomes more fluid. And although we manage to work well remotely and remain well connected, the opportunities to work in person enhance our skills, creating spaces to be more focused on the tasks to be carried out and foster, among other things, creativity.

    These two years have been challenging times, both for organizations and for each person individually. Employees have shown resilience in the face of changes in habits and routines, increasing their capacity for reinvention and adaptation regardless of the circumstances. While, on the business side, it has meant reevaluating ways of working and considering much more the individual needs of people, in order to promote flexible spaces that drive performance, performance and innovation, as well as finding a balance that allows us to live fully and in harmony all the roles we play in life.

    Flexibility has been essential to face these dynamic times

    Many companies have already been practicing it with initiatives that allowed employees to accommodate part of their workdays prior to agreement with their teams and bosses. This helped them adapt very quickly and easily to the “home office” model and will make it easier for us to continue in this new phase with our hybrid work model, betting on motivating people to bring their 100% to work in whatever they do, whatever the scope, so that we can enhance the culture, values ​​and new ways of working, finding a balance.

    This work model, which combines remote and face-to-face tasks, is a very good alternative to transition to the reunion of collaborators with their peers, maintaining their roles with flexibility, but, at the same time, being safe from the point of view of health, reducing the number of people in the same office.

    The face-to-face office function will continue to evolve, accelerating trends that emphasize the importance of collaboration and innovation working, lifeto employee productivity. Today, working life is a blank page ready to capture the potential of this flexible model, allowing us to understand its ability to maximize productivity and, in turn, embrace collective human nature, making empathy a learning and interaction experience.

    Attendance still has great challenges, but also great teachings and opportunities. In To do so, the companies have flexible schedule policies in accordance with the position profile and has sanitary protocols in its common spaces to protect the health of its people.

    In this way, the models will never be the same again and that is why it becomes imperative to address the new needs of collaborators and the world, since it has changed and face-to-face work must be done in parallel.

    We will continue learning in this new stage and we are willing to continue listening and understanding the needs of all collaborators in order to create the best work model step by step.

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