From Surviving to Succeeding: At-Work Employees Are Committed to Well-Being in Their Workplace

    Companies that do not evolve will lose their work force talent

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    Flexibility in working hours and company values ​​are increasingly important factors for people and can become decisive in the decision to work in one company or another. On the occasion of the International Day of Happiness, which is celebrated every March 20th, experts highlight that the importance of a good corporate culture is increasingly valuable for the workforce.

    In the wake of the crisis stemming from the pandemic, people are now looking for a workplace that cares about its employees in all aspects of their lives. For this a growing call to action is expected on ways to prevent burnout, build resilience and increase mental health at the business level.

    Since the beginning of the lockdown, symptoms of mental fatigue and difficulty concentrating have worsened within the working population. According to a study by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the most affected groups were young people and people with lower incomes.

    Flexibility, fair wages and greater autonomy

    And in response to this, people are looking for flexibility, fair wages and greater autonomy. Employment Trends study reinforces that a values-driven agenda and empathic leaders will become a net benefit in attracting talent. In addition, the same publication indicates that 49% of workers would be willing to change jobs to improve their well-being.


    Hand in hand with the well-being that employees seek can also be seen the growing focus on reshaping the company culture to build trust, retain remote teams and energize the experience of employees in their day to day. 2 out of 3 workers want to work for organizations with values ​​similar to theirs and 75% want to feel motivated and passionate about their work.

    In the era of regional talent shortages, employers will find firsthand that if they don’t invest in and evolve their company culture, they will need to prepare to lose talent to companies that, if they will.

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