Five Keys to the Well-Being of Children

    Emotional control is a skill that must be worked on in minors so that they can manage stress and interpersonal relationships

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    The well-being of children is built from the initial stages of childhood, and in the month of childhood, institutions such as World Vision call on citizens to support the development of adults better prepared for life. For this, it is necessary to attend to the basic needs of minors, as well as to promote the skills that help them achieve a comprehensive and full life. But how to do it?

    Offer safe and protective environments

    Children always interact with their environment, that is, the family, community, educational center, among others. Therefore, these environments must be free from violence and discrimination. “An investigation we did found that 3 out of 10 adolescents experience discrimination in their communities and 1 in 10 experiences it in their family group, so it is important to influence policies and structures that advocate for the rights of children and adolescents” Alvarez commented.

    Forming a positive identity

    Identity is a psychological resource that will accompany minors throughout their lives, allowing them to acquire a feeling of control over their lives and reinforcing their self-esteem. A positive identity is important in severe situations of violation of rights.

    Encourage good management of emotions

    This is a critical skill in girls and boys, which allows them to develop capacities to manage stress and interpersonal relationships. It must be promoted from an early age to manage your social relationships correctly.

    Positively use free time

    Children need conditions and spaces to get involved in activities of different types, to promote their creativity and encourage their right to participate. For this reason, families must spend quality time with children, whether playing, reading or talking.

    Develop critical thinking with functional and digital literacy

    Faced with such facilitated access to information, learning to read is not enough for children, as they are faced with the need to develop critical thinking to develop in everyday life and acquire digital skills related to new information age.

    Through its iSmart360 platform, the organization develops specialized content to contribute to the well-being of children and youth, with which it is sought to maintain good mental and emotional health.

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