First Woman to Lead the ICE Will Bet On Modernizing Entity Businesses

Irene Cañas Will Be In Charge of ICE Next May 8th

The executive president of the Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE) will have a woman in the head for the 1st time in history. The Deputy Minister of Energy, Irene Cañas, will assume the position of this entity from May 8th. She is part of the names revealed on Friday by President-elect Carlos Alvarado who will assume different positions in the Executive Branch.

The civil engineer pointed out that her intention is to modernize ICE’s business portfolio in order to face changes in the sector such as self-generation, the emergence of clean energy, and sustainable means of transport. That same task was explicitly requested by the future president of Costa Rica, he said.

ICE is the institution which manages both energy and telecommunication sectors in Costa Rica.
ICE Building

“ICE, at the moment, has its 2 big portfolios which are telecommunications and energy. If ICE wants to continue to be a successful institution, it has to reinvent itself and has to have new business plans. Today we already have many shops, houses, which have solar panels to generate their own electricity. And that takes a challenge to the institution to modernize in the sense of business that can lead to citizenship”, said the engineer.

This same situation poses the challenge of analyzing the tariff scheme to face the transformations of the market, which indicated that it must be analyzed together with the president-elect.

Asked about the role that ICE has played in the construction of public works, Cañas said that the institution has the capacity to do so. Along the same lines, the future leader mentioned that it will be essential to make the necessary reforms so that the institution can perform this task.

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