Felix Larisika Will Be At Resonance CR to Accompany You Before and After the Transformative Experience

    This will be a new chapter within the Resonance team as lead facilitator of pre and post-retreats, which he will approach by further studying and distilling his personal and professional experience from the most recent years...

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    The awakening and liberation of each human being through a spiritual, transformative process is something unique in life, completely powerful, because you can stay integrated into society knowing yourself authentically and establishing healthy relationships, in which knowledge has a fundamental role and the intuition of when to stay and go away will be strengthened.

    Everything is based on a process, many people can live it aware that there is something in themselves, that must be changed in their lives, others are looking for the path of what is it that generates emotional imbalance and, therefore, physical discomfort or problems to share with others.

    Our TCRN team was talking with Felix Larisika, a scholar in the transformation of being and the different modalities of spiritual and conscious practices, to be oriented in the growth of the spiritual being.

    Felix, until the beginning of his adolescence was in his native Germany, then he was in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and has lived in other countries such as Nicaragua, Mexico, Peru, and Costa Rica, countries that have witnessed his spiritual learning and unforgettable experiences.

    In her opinion, being in Central America for the first time, she felt connected to the path of the Americas of North and South, that path is the “path of the heart”.

    Larisika, for some years now, has been interested in somatic forms of therapy, integration work, and complementary coaching, such knowledge, part of her journey, has shown her the crucial importance of this type of work and she has received many comments about the long term positive impact of my clients to achieve changes, improvements in their lives and relationships. 

    He has exemplified the struggle to find authentic integration, applying every learning from the ceremonies and making the changes he wanted. What has made the difference, is the support and guidance from other people who have gone through transformation processes, mentors who were also or became friends.

    Felix returns to Resonance Costa Rica.

    It should be noted that he was in Costa Rica in 2022, acquiring more knowledge, and enjoying the country and its warm people, in addition to collaborating in the organization of what was the Festival “Resoñar” of the organization and retreat center Resonance, in which he was the protagonist musician, Dj with static dance.

    Felix and Resonance have in common: life with sustainable practices, yoga, meditation, rituals, and ancestral practices. For him, it is a pleasure to be part of a brand made in the community, with essence and creativity.

    Now, after being away from Costa Rica in 2023, it was learned that Larisika is opening the door to a new chapter in her life, which is within the Resonance team, this time as the main facilitator of pre and post-retreats, accompanying people before and after their transformational experiences. “It is an honor and a challenge that I am excited to take on, studying further and distilling my personal and professional experience of the past few years. I intend to be of service, to learn from those who wish to learn with me, and to walk the path of beauty, in the right relationship with this world and the earth. To sing and celebrate life. To share the joy of breaking ancestral chains, negative beliefs, and destructive patterns. Because there is nothing more beautiful than to free ourselves and meet others from that space of genuine and empowered freedom and love” she expressed.

    Its connection with several Costa Rican communities in the Diamond Valley, Tinamaste, Dominical, Chirripó, Monteverde, and Jacó has been fascinating.

    In other words, 2024 Resonance will undoubtedly offer great services and events, always focused on the well-being of all.

    Let’s remember that this retreat center, since its inception, has been responsible for achieving changes from the inside out, aimed at a harmonious integration with the environment. The Resonance community, as a community, is the reflection of always wanting to know what is beyond what is seen with the naked eye and that most of the time we do not see or become aware of.

    Stages of Felix Larisika

    Felix spent his childhood in the countryside, of course in his country Germany, he was always in contact with nature, going out to see small adventures, to explore, with the typical curiosity of a child, “I climbed trees, really my family home was a very safe environment, a big house and a garden where I played with my 2 brothers, my parents tried very hard to give us activities, sports, whatever it took for us to stay active” he said.

    Professionally, he was mainly a jewelry artisan for a few years, when he began to travel he dedicated himself to static dance, being a DJ he became a facilitator and began to make his events, since then he became interested in holistic therapies: holotropic breathing, yoga and meditation, beadwork and dance, in which he has dedicated himself to learn more and more. 

    Holotropic breathing is a technique based on inhaling and exhaling very quickly to eliminate carbon dioxide from the body, which causes an increase in the pH of the blood. 

    Beadwork is the art or craft of joining beads together by stringing them on a thin thread or wire with a sewing or beading needle or sewing them onto a fabric. In most cases, beadwork is a form of personal adornment (e.g., jewelry), but it is also often part of other artwork.

    Felix Larisika got to know the spiritual world through OMTP Nicaragua, which for him is a very powerful place, “that is where the Mayan Indians took their priests, high ranking people to be buried, there are many petroglyphs there, so I believe in the energies, which are very powerful in the place”.

    Later, she ended up on a trip to a permaculture hostel that, also by chance, had several Mexican volunteers who were giving meditation and yoga classes, kundalini, timescales, and cocoa ceremonies, which was like her first great experience of spiritual practices where she began to do yoga daily, to participate in ceremonies, she tasted cocoa for the first time in its pure form in a ceremony whose effects were amazing.

    “A lot of opening of the heart which is something that I feel was a great awakening, to feel myself, my emotions, my heart, to open myself, to stop consuming other substances, to live healthy and, from there, yoga was like my biggest pillar in life for several years, a lot of yoga. I learned from my Mexican friends, two travelers who practice the spiritual path -yoga and the red path- which is the path of North America and Mexico who practice the Temazcales, the dance of the sun, the dance of the moon, the rituals with tobacco and so on”, he explained.

    Continuous training

    After several years, Felix continues to practice fully feeling his emotions without being carried away by them, he emphasized that detachment is fundamental, understanding that the experience that is being lived does not define you and that there is always a lesson: one can choose how to react, sometimes it is very difficult, but we can detach ourselves from the experience and observe it, that the self that is observing is not the same as the self that is having the experience.

    Larisika maintains continuous training, as there is always something in life that we do not know. She took a meditative course in a technique called Vipassana, which is very ancient and comes from Buddhism. It is about just observing the sensations of the body and detachment from them, that is, -even if I feel pain I can choose not to identify myself with that pain, but observe it as a sensation of the body, observe everything that is happening, “that was a powerful experience, it was 10 days of pure meditation in silence without activities and only meditation”.

    Vipassana led him to his current practice: somatic therapy (soma refers to feeling) and somatic is the felt experience.

    Somatic therapy focuses on accessing the individual through feeling, which is something that has been of great support to Felix in his healing path, “because the body helps us to go beyond it, it is a somatic saying. We use the body, the feeling, and the sensations to go beyond them, I have managed to detach myself on two occasions from my body, and it feels that your body disintegrates and returns, it is something quite incredible. I have also learned a lot with the theme of sacred plants, with the chants, the prayers, and the fire”.

    Incarnation practices

    If we talk about incarnation practices, Felix is the right one to explain, because it is another of the knowledge he has acquired.

    This type of practice is feeling. It means to express what one feels, thinks, and believes in his body, for example, the opposite would be a person who is sad but is smiling, it is something common -hiding-, it is something opposite to incarnation because one is pretending with the body something different from what is happening or feeling; now, a person who is embodied will represent what he feels, thinks and believes in his body and that makes it holistically whole because the body, mind and spirit is what makes the human being and they have to be integrated, together.

    Two years ago, she began a study of shamanism, energy work, and coaching in Chirripó (Costa Rica) “There I took two very intense and good levels of study. There are people, teachers, who today are my friends and have taught me to attend, to assist, to receive many therapies, and ceremonies, to do my work, and to see how other people work who already have decades on this path, I feel gratitude for that”.

    The spiritual path is a path that is walked every day…

    When it comes to basic relationships, Felix says that is where more work needs to be done, because that is where we learn to live with everyone, to love our family, and the closest relationships, and apply, and share each of the knowledge.

    Regarding the impact that the study of spiritual techniques has had on her journey, mainly is the ability to help others, which has been amplified, “today I have the honor of accompanying people who need support in their transformative processes, who are just starting, who have no idea what they are getting into and it is often difficult, because all your life you have thought certain things and then you realize that they are not true, that they are changing, it can be intimidating for some people, but I have the honor to listen, to be a reflection, to affirm, to be a safe person, to allow other people to be only themselves, to feel free to express themselves, to open up, that is essential” she added.

    Learning and moving forward

    Talking with Felix Larisika, we talked about the anecdotes that have made him learn and move forward, he highlighted that this year he had to learn to listen to himself, his desires, and his intuition. 

    The topic of intuition is quite big for him because we spend a lot of time in our heads rationalizing; intuition, is a felt experience and many times it tells us if something is good for us, if it is the right thing to do or not, but many times the mind empowers itself and says I don’t care this on a logical level is so, and so we do it.

    “Many times in the past I have realized later that that feeling was right, that the wrong thing was the mind. This year, for example, I have learned to listen to that intuition and every time I do that at the end I get an affirmation, the simple fact that that intuitive decision was the right one. Feeling that no matter how much someone invited me to a party or event, my intuition tells me Hey you need to be home and you need to take care of yourself! so if the mind tells you -that you are going to miss that opportunity, they are your friends and it is going to be very good- but no matter how much I think, or fear losing an experience, I trust my feelings and at the end, I am at home, I played music, I have a great time, and it turns out that where I was invited the activity was bad or someone had something happen and I had a great time at home, that has happened to me several times, the battle between the reason and the heart”.

    There are three cases concerning intuition: first, there are people who feel that something is not right; second is that many people turn to Felix’s insights. They are getting divorced because they have had addiction problems, they are depressed, because they have a lot of difficulty with anger and rage, or they keep having negative experiences in their romantic relationships.

    The third case is that there are curious people, who are already doing well in their lives, but they want to try something else.

    Now, the full connection with life is of utmost importance, being here and now, because many people are often disconnected and therefore may feel empty, they feel that something is missing. “That connection to life itself, to the other human being is the flame of life, and if you have it lit, you can see it.

    Finally, Felix would like to share more and more, that there is nothing more beautiful than to free ourselves, to feel ourselves, to reach a level of self-love that motivates us day by day to give our best, and that place of empowerment to give our best, to connect with others, to love each other, to support each other and that all together we shine the highest, that is for me the best of life: “to give our best and shine together”.

    Do you want to know about the dates of Felix Larisika’s arrival at Resonance to attend ceremonies and enjoy the different services? You can find out more by visiting www.resonancecr.comfollowing the Instagram accounts: @resonance.costarica and @y0ung.tree .

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