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    Creating a Conscious alternative news network that we feel the world needs. Pura Vida!

      January 2024 is almost upon us, and we, the team of The Costa Rica News-TCRN, feel doubly happy: first, because we are at the beginning of a new year that, we are sure, will be fascinating and, second, because we are celebrating 15 years as a digital news media.

    In different parts of the world, turning 15 years old is unique, imagine us being able to do it is gratifying, mainly because it is the sum of the years in which you have been part of learning, knowing, enjoying, feeling, and share the Costa Rica Pura Vida! with its technological innovations, tourism, health, culture and its incredible biodiversity within what is the environment.

    At TCRN we have dedicated ourselves to being an alternative English-language pro-Costa Rica news source for expatriates and travelers, tourists. Also, we have been focused on providing quality and encouraging information about the country and the surrounding region.

    It has been 15 years of information, research, and interviews that have conveyed our essence of reliability, truthfulness, and balance.

     Through our interviews, we always want to show the human, simple, courageous, resilient, and loving side of each character, beyond their achievements as a result of all those virtues mentioned above.

    TCRN is made up of a team of professionals that day by day falls more in love with Costa Rica, your country. 

    And speaking of Costa Rica, it is the nation that captivated the visionary and inspiring Daniel Yepez, the founder of The Costa Rica News.

    Daniel has always been convinced that efforts go hand in hand with infinite learning that leads to success and growth. For him “Costa Rica presents an opportunity for those who seek a better quality of life, and TCRN always sends them this positive vibe”.

    Daniel is driven by passion and love, precisely what he wants to transmit in these complex times. His goal is to transmit that we are made of “Pura Vida, that essence of Costa Rica”, that it is a country full of opportunities, with ideal places to receive that energy you were waiting for, to find the best of you, to be happy, to undertake and share with those you love the most. The country of the most incredible greenery on the planet, the sunsets, beaches, and unparalleled mountains, the warm people, the exquisite cuisine, the talent everywhere, and the culture that connects.

    María Paula Loría (Musician): “Thank you very much for allowing me to be part of The Costa Rica News and happy new year”.

    Luis Carlos Monge (Journalist – Presenter of A Cachete!): “One of the coolest interviews I’ve ever had. Eternally grateful for this kind of things that help me remember where I come from and why despite the obstacles I keep going forward”.

    Ivan Badilla (Owner of El Espavey Vineyard): “What a pleasure it gives me to see the presentation (article), I am proud to be part of this contribution to the journalistic activity”.

    Eric Porras (Founder of Girasoles de Costa Rica): I finished reading it and it was simply beautiful. I have never been allowed to express myself so much and to have it so transparent. Thank you very much indeed.

    Flora Frenández (Environmentalist): “Beautiful article, I was surprised that all the information you gathered about me was overwhelming! Also, Silvia Rodriguez, a wonderful woman, who has fought all her life, is a great support. With this wonderful article, which we will add to the original proposal, Fabian will have a better chance of being elected. Thank you very much for sharing the article.

    For us, the team of women and men of TCRN is always a pleasure to pay tribute to the country that has given us so much happiness and pride.

    May God allow us to continue with ever greater strength, focus, and love, being a welcoming portal for those who want to know more about, mainly, Costa Rica and, why not, the United States, Canada, and other nations.

    Here we are still for you, for all of us attentive to what you need in terms of event promotion, to publicize a place or local character. We invite you to follow our social networks: Facebook The Costa Rica News-TCRN; Instagram @thecrnews; LinkedIn The Costa Rica News.

    Thank you for being part of us beyond a click and may it be many more years!

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