Fashion Design in Costa Rica: Both a Challenge and a Wonderful Trip

    Through an interesting conversation with Verónica Morales, a Costa Rican fashion designer

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    Fashion design is a career that undoubtedly allows, through its essence, to train as an artist when it comes to inspiring and, above all, beginning to create. Here we want to present to all of Costa Rica a little about this interesting profession; which without a doubt has also become a beautiful passion for many.

    To support this material we will have an interesting conversation with Verónica Morales, a Costa Rican fashion designer, graduate of the Creative University who will tell us about her experiences in this important profession.

    Morales has always demanded a lot from herself and when the right time came to develop in a profession as such, she always challenged herself, even looking to get away from her comfort zone. This action led to find her own identity as a fashion designer.

    Non-traditional wedding dresses

    She remembers with great emotion the moment of choosing the topic for her thesis, she decided to take a risk and choose a concept and proposal that would highlight non-traditional wedding dresses. This idea was also born from a desire to be inclusive and wanting to offer a proposal within everyone’s reach.

    Learning reflected in her life project

    Without a doubt, summarizing what has been the greatest learning in this fashion medium is not an easy task, Morales points out, however, that she manages to be emphatic in making it known that her professional strength has always been to be able to “filter ideas” with the aim of having a better path in the middle of a creative process in terms of creating a unique collection and even a brand and thus contributing the best of its essence and creativity.

    Another aspect that can be highlighted is that without a doubt the clothes helped her “to hatch” and explore her personal and professional potential to the fullest. So from her experience she was able to guide many young people in choosing this career, telling them how studying and practicing can bring countless benefits to their personal and professional environment.

    Finally, and although it sounds a bit cliché, the most important thing to highlight as advice is that “passion can steer them throughout their career and also creating profitability for their brand by creating and leaving a positive impact on society”.

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