Expo Pyme Costa Rica Seeks To Strengthen Businessmen and Entrepreneurs

    Costa Rica besides being a country with beautiful landscapes, spectacular biodiversity, exquisite gastronomy, and memorable tourist sites, has a warm and motivating people as the organizers of the Expo 2024...

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    The month of April, especially the 13th and 14th will be the days in which Expo Pyme 2024 will be held in San José, Costa Rica.

    Expo Pyme is the most important meeting point for small and medium-sized businessmen, as well as entrepreneurs who wish to increase their circle of business relationships, willing to give references, make alliances, and above all generate opportunities among themselves through different tools that help them to continue growing.

    The event is considered by the organizers as a new vision to transform a business or even a potential customer.


    Regarding the name of the event “Expo Pyme”, it was chosen because it is not fair, it is an exhibition of brands, networking, trade, and synergy between exhibitors and the general public.

    Who can participate?

    Entrepreneurs and SMEs can participate in the Expo; the organizers have 100 stands available in sizes 3×3, 4×4, and 5×5 so that the range of options is wider for companies and different budgets.

    Activities at Expo Pyme

    Alejandro López emphasized the activities that will take place during the event, “we will be holding 10 training sessions and talks for the companies that participate as exhibitors and the general public. In addition, we will have the participation of the press (TV and radio) where we will be generating content, interviews, and brand exposure for those who participate. Additionally, we will have activities of the exhibitors themselves where they will share with the public to participate in raffles and giveaways”.

    The topics of the talks

    At Expo Pyme, there will be talks on finance, accounting, marketing, and communication for SMEs; how to obtain the SME seal, the SME economy, legal structuring and governance for the growth of SMEs; continuity and succession in family businesses, costs, expenses and taxes for SMEs. Entrepreneurship at 40: Discover your power and monetize your skills, among other topics of interest.


    The topics of the talks are due to the point of view shared by Alejandro Lopez, “in Costa Rica, we have the epidemic of informality. 83% of the companies do not comply with 3 minimum requirements. Micro and small companies still do not understand that being outside the law can cause them future contingencies and even legal contingencies: 1) They are not properly registered with the Public Registry or they have not updated minutes or decisions they have made over time, for example, the registration of their trademark. 2) They are not registered before the Tax Administration, have no defined economic activity, and do not generate electronic invoices. 

    Since they are not duly registered, they cannot participate even to be able to sell goods and services to the state or other companies. 3) They do not register the real salaries of the employees or owners who work for the company, or they do not pay the minimum salaries required by law, which generates social consequences, they do not contribute 100% for future pensions and the social contingency is extremely high”, he explained.

    It is worth mentioning that Mr. López is also president of the Fundación Metro y Medio, an NGO that promotes and encourages bicycle mobility and safety. “We have organized for 2 years the“ExpoBike” to focus on the companies of this sports activity (cycling); where in addition to the exhibition of brands of both bicycles, cycling clothing, accessories, sports nutrition, trainers, recreational activities, hydration and more, we focus on generating cycle-inclusion, that is, that the cyclist has the exposure of catalyst for compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals issued by the UN in 2015. How is this achieved? By generating employment, gender equality, economic and urban development activities for areas outside the GAM (Eco Tourism), mental health, physical health, and decarbonization” he added.

    There is no doubt that this year’s Expo Pyme will be very enriching for those who are part of enterprises and companies.

    Finally, Mr. Alejandro said that “entrepreneurship is born from the hearts of each person and takes shape with goods or services that can be tangible or intangible. Discipline is the fundamental axis for the dream in your heart to become a reality, you must insist on that dream, but intelligently, using the resources you have available and approaching a small circle of people who are equally crazy about the size of their dreams”.

    If you want to learn more about Expo Pyme or contact them to participate you can enter their website:; you can find them on Facebook as: Expo Pyme CR; on Instagram, you can follow them: @expopymescr and on Linkedin: Expo Pyme CR.

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