Costa Rica Will Enjoy A New Season Of Sunflowers!

    For the fourth year, "Sunflowers of Costa Rica" will be welcoming dreamers, and lovers of exotic flowers to enjoy the magic of the place, an unparalleled experience...

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    Every time a sunflower wakes up, it awakens magic, a unique moment, it awakens the joy of life, Feng Shui affirms that these plants are a representation of positivity, vitality, and longevity; they have the power to help people start new cycles, realize projects, attract abundance and be successful.

    Happiness, love, positivity, and good energies are part of the sunflower, or rather Helianthus (real name), which comes from the words helios (sun) and anthos (flower).

    Regarding the movement of the plant and its name, for many years there was a mystery that scientists were deciphering. The name “Gira-sol” is said to be because the flower has a close relationship with the sun, the plant follows its movements, -like a constant search for light-.

    There is no doubt that, every day, sunflowers wake up and turn -like clockwise- towards the Sun and that, at nightfall, they turn in the opposite direction waiting for the light of the next awakening.

    Scientists say that, when the sunflower reaches maturity, they stop making their usual movements from east to west and remain stationary until the plant dies.

    Researchers at the University of California, Davis, USA, conducted a series of experiments in which they discovered the reason for the sunflower’s movements. They placed some sunflowers in pots, forcing them to face east in the afternoon; also at other times, they immobilized the stem, making it impossible for it to turn. And at other times they created daily cycles of 30 hours, instead of 24.

    It turns out that part of the sunflower stem stretches during the day and another part stretches during the night.

    It is a unique flower, striking also for its colors, because not only are they yellow, but there are also orange, dark red, cream, and brown versions.

    Sunflowers of Costa Rica

    Costa Rica is a country that has everything in biodiversity, including a dreamed sunflower field, called “Sunflowers of Costa Rica”, where magic is present at every moment.

    The slogan is “The sun in your hands”.

    It is the best gift for flower lovers and those who feel the curiosity to know more about them in a closer way.

    We inform you that this is the fourth year in which Eric Porras and Wady Rojas, his cousin and partner, have opened the doors of Girasoles de Costa Rica and are adding infinite experiences, experiences of each visitor. Already 85,000 in all seasons and counting.

    They are active with the new sunflower harvest from February 17 to April 15.

    In recent days, we talked to Eric Porras who told us that, in total, there will be approximately 300,000 sunflowers that will come out in stages over the two months.

    Despite… the harvest is marvelous!!!

    In this particular harvester and Wady were affected by the weather because it was too hot in drought, then the seed did not come out and some sectors came to sow up to 3 times or transplant in some cases.

    “We had never had that need before, but the weather has influenced more about other years, but in the end, we were able to solve and everything is going super well,” said Porras.

    What’s new

    This harvest, Eric incorporated a horse that his dad made 30 years ago, which walked like a real one, into the sunflower field scenery. “I restored it for this harvest and also incorporated a carriage, which has captivated visitors’ eyes.”


    Girasoles is located inPital, in the canton of San Carlos in the province of Alajuela. The sunflower field started as a hobby for Eric, now 33 years old and 20 years planting sunflowers. “Since I was a child I planted them alone because in my house there was a parrot and I was watching where he threw the seed and the sunflowers came out by themselves, I grew up knowing only this plant, so many years have passed, I know it from beginning to end”.

    Before starting Girasoles de Costa Rica, he already knew how to make a sunflower field, until the dream came true for exhibition, for tourism, always keeping the essence of Costa Rica, wanting to maintain the identity, both in the theme of placing the national flag in the middle of the sunflowers.

    Convinced of their purpose, they succeeded

    Eric and Wady encountered limitations when they started the sunflower field. Eric explained that it was a project that required a lot of money and he did not have a job, so they decided to do many things: Eric almost mortgaged his house, the car he had at the time had to pledge, they owed money to several people with the conviction that their idea, their purposes would be worth it and they succeeded.

    In each harvest they try to innovate, in the current one it is the horse with the carriage and in the previous one, they made dinners in the middle of the sunflower field -which was spectacular-.

    Something significant is that they have a giant sunflower that has attracted a lot of attention and they do not lose focus on doing everything with quality.

    Citizens from Jamaica, the United States, Honduras, Peru, Chile, Mexico, Canada, Colombia, Brazil, Panama, Nicaragua, and other countries have enjoyed the magic of the sunflower field.

    Very importantly, they do not use herbicides or pesticides in the fields, mainly insecticides because they want everything to be very organic. After each harvest, they have all the weeds cut by hand so as not to introduce any chemicals to the plants, to the environment, or the bees, because they are important living beings in the world, it is more than all the commitment to the conservation of the lung for them (the bees) so that they can go to have the pollen of the flowers.

    It is a unique place, where couples have made commitments, families have gone to honor their deceased relatives and if it is a special date like Mother’s Day, Eric and Wady make the dynamic of having their children give them sunflowers.

    Eric and Wady, are examples of constancy and full conviction, “always doing everything from the heart, with God always first and blessing others” Those words ended Eric’s pleasant conversation with our TCRN team.

    If you want to know more about Girasoles de Costa Rica and the dates of each harvest you can follow them on their Instagram account: @girasoles_de_costarica on Facebook: as Girasoles de Costa Rica.

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