Enjoy This Weekend a Free Exhibition of Antique Cars, Picnic, Music and Gastronomy in San José

    Event will bring together prominent vehicle brands this April 20th and 21st

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    Vehicle fans in San José have an appointment at Paseo de Las Flores, this Saturday, April 20 and Sunday, April 21, the weekend in which the select exhibition “History on Wheels” will take place.

    During the activity, attendees will have the opportunity to appreciate different models and brands, as well as learn the history behind them through a guided tour with schedules.

    This will be the second edition of an exhibition with constant interaction dedicated to vehicles and in which experts in the field will tell curiosities about the factories, origins of the models, anecdotes that are almost unknown, even historical references of the country.Added to this are attractive motorcycles and bicycles of yesteryear, which have also been true legends and part of our lives in the last 70 years.

    The evolution of vehicles

    “Those attending the exhibition will have the opportunity to see the evolution of the same vehicle, between old and modern, since models from different brands will be side by side. This will allow us to compare the evolution they have had over the years, in addition to experts in each brand explaining, among other things, what led to the implementation of design changes, technological advances, functionality, among other aspects.” said Raúl Méndez, producer of the event.

    Many activities for the whole family

    The free activity will take place in the main outdoor parking area of ​​Paseo de Las Flores, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. With the aim of making the exhibition even more enjoyable, the place will also have a picnic area, food stalls, as well as live music, comedy and inflatables for the entertainment of the little ones in the house.

    “We will learn out loud, from the specialized speakers of each chosen brand, in a tour guided by schedules, how and why these models were developed in the factory; the evolution they have had in technological modernization, in addition to design, and the impact they caused on the market in times of yesteryear. Each of them will share reference data that many are unaware of, real anecdotes experienced in Costa Rica, even by some of the former pioneer representatives in those times when they ventured to bring and sell the brand in the country,” stated Méndez.

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