Educating And Raising Awareness Is Fundamental in the Activities of Jacó Impact

    Days go by and the work from Jacó Impact is adding to the purpose of contributing to Costa Rica, from all areas, highlighting sustainability and motivating greater collaborators ...

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    Four years have fallen short for all the work that the entire team of the Jacó Impact Social Movement has been doing, which has changed the way of thinking and therefore of acting of many citizens in Costa Rica, even of foreigners who have passed visiting Jacó.

    This week at TCRN, we were talking with the representative of Jacó Impact, Yorgina Ureña, a dinamic woman and also a professional surfer, who has led activities in areas such as: Environmental (with cleaning of beaches and rivers), cigarette butt collection campaigns and recycling workshops; in the area of ​​education, teaching free English classes for the children of Jacó, tutorials in different subjects, knowledge of important dates and a campaign to collect school supplies, as well as courses for women who want to improve themselves.

    Food bank

    The Food Bank is another of the initiatives of Jacó Impact and is sponsored by Marriott Los Sueños, every month they deliver basic food baskets and they are very varied containing products such as: Rice, beans, soap powder, children’s milk, tortillas, Cornflakes, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, toothbrush, dental floss, mouthwash, pineapple milk, cans of tuna, cookies, boxes of mixes to make cakes, sugar, among others.On this occasion, they delivered around 65 baskets, October is added to the 8 months in which Jacó Impact carries out this project with Hotel Marriott.

    Ureña highlighted that the people who are benefiting from the basic food baskets have different profiles “some have been studying, others are at social risk, others in extreme poverty, we also have the woman who is alone and with respect to this, now additionally, we have a program for women in their 40s, trying to study and get ahead”.

    It is worth noting that, upon receiving the food and seeing the schedule of activities of Jacó Impact, they have decided to collaborate and invite more people.”We have been working with the leaders of the Integral Development Associations in the area and organizations that are also very supportive. Everything basically comes from the operations center of Jacó Impact, there is the donation bank of clothes and the food bank, people can come here and if they like to collaborate, we are present Monday to Friday from 1 to 6 in the afternoon,”said Yorgina Ureña.

    2nd intervention in Herradura beach

    The entire Jacó Impact team, organizations and collaborators from the surroundings of Herradura beach, carried out the second intervention, in which the spaces were cleaned, the sea turtles were treated and objects were even painted.This is one of the activities that shows love and commitment to the environment and to the people of the same community.

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