Do You Know The Best Products From The Sea To Take Care Of Your Health?

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     We already know that to be in shape throughout the year it is important to maintain a balanced diet. To many of us the word “diet” sounds like restriction and bland foods, when in reality the key to a healthy diet is diversity.

    Many specialists recommend including sea products in the daily diet, since it is not only an important source of nutrients, but also a perfect option to make your diet more varied. Today we are going to tell you which are the best seafood products to take care of your health. Take notes to enrich your daily meals.

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    Five seafood products that cannot be missing from your diet:

    Low in calories and delicious in flavor, fish, shellfish and mollusks are foods that should be a priority if you want to keep your body at bay in a healthy way. They are an important source of high-quality protein and fatty acids, as well as being rich in vitamins and minerals.

    1. Clams

    Clams are a perfect protein alternative, especially for diets that limit the consumption of red meat. They are very rich in healthy fats, especially Omega-3, and have a high iron content. Likewise, clams also have vitamin B12, necessary to combat stress, fatigue and exhaustion that often arise during the daily routine.

    2. Prawns

    Grilled prawns  are a perfect treat that will not affect your figure. In addition to being low in calories, these shellfish are one of the few foods that stand out for being a source of iodine, a necessary element for the proper maintenance of hormonal activity. Although prawns and prawns offer many other health benefits, people with hypertension and high cholesterol should moderate their consumption.

    3. Cuttlefish

    Like most seafood, it is low in calories and fat, but very rich in nutrients. The consumption of cuttlefish is recommended in people with diabetes and gluten intolerance. On the other hand, the minerals it contains take care of our memory and slow down cellular aging. Its healthiest consumption is grilled.

    4. Octopus

    The greatest advantage of this mollusk is its enormous protein content, which results in proper muscle function. Octopus has calcium, a mineral that strengthens bones and helps prevent osteoporosis. In this line, mollusks in general increase and strengthen defenses, which makes them an excellent food for the immune system. It is recommended to consume it on the grill.

    5. Mussel

    Mussels are a good source of protein with very little fat. It is also worth noting its high content of minerals such as iodine, iron, phosphorus and magnesium. All of them very important elements for weight loss or sports diets.

    The best way to take them is fresh and steamed.

    Now that you know that diet is not a reason to reject rich and tasty foods, but on the contrary, it is a good opportunity to enrich your nutrition with delicious and beneficial products for your body. Nor do you have to cancel all your commitments to avoid eating on the street, you simply have to choose the places that offer the options suitable for your diet.

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