Do You Have an Electric Car? Charging it at Home is Cheaper

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    In the upcoming days, fast chargers for electric cars will charge ₡150 per minute of charging, as a fixed rate. In order to save money, the National Consortium of Electrification Companies of Costa Rica (Conelectricas R.L.) recommended that owners of this type of vehicle charge them at home to save up to ₡3,200 per charge.

    According to the experts of the consortium, if a 42 kilowatt electric car with a range of 305 kilometers is fully charged with ₡4,300 at home, according to the residential rate of Coopelesca R.L., with a fast charger you must pay ₡7,500. “The savings are due to the fact that the electricity bill for the houses is made per kilowatt hour and not per minute. In the case of electric cooperatives, they charge between ₡71 to ₡88 per kW, so when charging a car with this technology, it is cheaper to do it at home than in a fast collector”, said Melvin Pacheco, electrical engineer at Conelectricas. R.L.

    Pacheco also provided some recommendations for saving electricity, such as driving efficiently, that is, between 70 and 80 kilometers per hour, respecting the regulations of the Traffic Law. Before making long trips, it is recommended to use an application to know the charging centers in different areas of the country; leave home with the car fully loaded; check the air pressure in tires, because if they are deflated it will consume more electricity.

    The electrical cooperatives: Coopelesca R.L., Coopesantos R.L., Coopeguanacaste R.L., Coopealfaroruiz R.L. and Conelectricas R.L., offer free semi-fast chargers; that is, they do not charge per load.

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