Discover the Most Famous “Hand” in Costa Rica

    Our path today will take us to the Hacienda "La Chimba" where we will discover its main attractions

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    Our meeting today is with the most famous “hand” in Costa Rica. Perhaps you have seen it on digital platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, but in reality you do not know how to get there or where it is, that is why today we are taking you on tours to the Hacienda La Chimba.

    In this beautiful place there are several activities to do, there are some suspension bridges, there is Canopy, but what most people come to do is take the respective souvenir photo in the “Mantra Hand”.

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    If we go into the hacienda, it can be said that it is a path of approximately 9 km, in this route the first thing you will find is an effigy of Buddha and a few km later the Hand of the Mantra after that you will arrive at an intermediate path which is not so rough but it does have its degree of dificulty. For this reason, you must follow all the recommendations of dressing light, always being hydrated and having a snack to accompany you in the development of this adventure.

    Some history

    Hacienda La Chimba was inaugurated in 1970, that is, 50 years ago. Today it is a coffee tour destination that allows visitors to enjoy its essence and get out of daily conventionalism. Its main tourist offer consists of presenting the visitor with the benefits of the harvesting process and the development of different plantations and crops, in this particular case, coffee and bananas stand out.

    Our first stop The Buddha of the coffee plantation

    This work of art is impressive, as additional information, we can add that its construction fell to a builder craftsman from Sarchi, which created a very interesting mix of cultures and concepts. Following your walk you will get to a colorful banner that makes up the name of our country painted of course with the colors that identify our flag, the main patriotic symbol of the country.

    A few meters from the figure of Buddha is the Mano del Mantra, as La Chimba hacienda is a coffee space, said structure is built largely with coffee axes, which is very much in tune with the philosophy and atmosphere of the place.

    Despite these being one of the main attractions of the place, the trip and the emotions do not end here. Hacienda La Chimba prepares a very special tour where the staff of the hacienda prepares a visit show its 67 hectares of coffee plantation where you can enjoy the beauties of coffee plantations but also the history of the grain and its production process.

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