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    What about having kidney stones? It depends… AIDS, no… What about the swine flu? According to the doctor and prominent homeopath Ángel Minotti, a doctor specializing in homeopathy, he can cure up to 90% of the cases that come to his office.

    In response to the concerns of BBC Mundo readers, Minotti highlighted the preventive nature of many homeopathic treatments: “You have to straighten the little trees before they twist”. He said that those who attack homeopathy do so because they do not know it and even called the recent warning from the World Health Organization (WHO) a fallacy. According to the WHO, homeopathic medicines should not be used to treat some diseases with a high mortality rate.

    Minotti disagrees and explains why. The doctor claims that homeopathy may be more effective than allopathy in treating conditions such as swine flu. The head of homeopathic medicine of the Argentine Homeopathic Medical Association has traveled to several countries in America and Europe giving talks and speaking at congresses.

    In this interactive interview, he acknowledges that there are limits to homeopathic treatments so points out some of the illnesses that this medicine cannot cure:

    What is homeopathy and what is its real scope?

    Homeopathy is a branch of medicine, I mean, it is one more option. It is not a complementary medicine; it is a medicine in itself. There are countries like France where half of the population is treated with homeopathy and the other half is not.

    When a child has a sore throat, allopathy gives him an antibiotic to kill the germ, we do not give him antibiotics, we give him a medication so that the germ starves. Allopathy says, “this child is sick because he has a sore throat”; but we say, “this child has a sore throat because he is sick”. We treat the acute moment and also treat the child’s predisposition to this disease, so he does not get sick again.

    Many of our readers want to know when it is advisable to see a homeopath. Homeopathy is the therapy of choice. I have allopathic pediatricians who channel their children to me because they don’t want to attack them with corticosteroids and antibiotics because they know that homeopathy is harmless.

    In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), a government agency, has allowed homeopathic medicine to be sold over the counter, no prescription is needed, no prescription is needed, and there is no malpractice lawsuit in the US for use of homeopathic medicines, as it happens with allopathic ones. See how harmless and how useful homeopathy is.

    For example, for kidney stones, Carlos Jesús Huchim Ahumada, from Yucatán, Mexico, asked about it.

    The kidneys have 3 calyces: upper, middle, and lower. If the stones are in the lower calyx they cannot be removed; if they are in the upper and middle, they can be removed without any inconvenience.

    Several readers ask about obesity.

    Homeopathy does not offer an effective treatment in itself to lose weight. The homeopathic remedy for obesity only helps the patient to be more willing to go on a diet, because it predisposes him better, gives him a better mood, and a greater will to go on a diet.

    Some readers, like Fernando Fontana, from Montevideo, Uruguay, want to know how useful homeopathy is in respiratory diseases such as bronchitis or laryngitis.

    It is not useful; it’s super effective. It is the easiest to cure in adults and children. They can be cured 100% in 3 or 4 months, maximum. Some people have been cured in a month. Children with allergies, bronchitis –or bronchial asthma– respond very well… because the little tree must be straightened before it becomes crooked.

    Rubén González, from Guadalajara, Mexico, says that he has been using homeopathy for 9 years and highly recommends it; but are not the treatments too long?

    It depends on the disease. If you have serious tuberculosis that could not be cured by allopathy because there is resistance to antibiotics, with a very serious patient, you cannot tell him that in a month he will be cured 100%, it may take a year. However, I have cases of cancers that were cured in 15 days and I am going to present them at a congress next year. The treatments are not very long; a treatment for a stomach ulcer, for example, can last about 5 months.

    In the face of swine flu; should we use Tamiflu or homeopathy?

    Tamiflu has never cured anyone; it is a complete fallacy. Tamiflu and the vaccine are useless because the virus mutates and it is always changing. We have devised a preventive medicine that has about 10 components, which is giving wonderful results in populations of hundreds of patients. It is a formula developed from the symptoms found in Mexico. It is not a panacea, but it protects patients very well to avoid contagion.

    But the WHO has just warned against the use of homeopathy in cases of high mortality such as influenza, tuberculosis, malaria, and AIDS.

    Whoever wrote that report shows he has no homeopathic experience; very great successes have been achieved in all these diseases, except with AIDS.

    In the European Union, around 70,000 patients per year die of tuberculosis due to antibiotic resistance. Why these 70,000 people are not offered a homeopathic opportunity? More than half of them could be cured. What economic interests exist in the fund?

    AIDS cannot be cured with homeopathy, but the consequences of AIDS, for example, herpes, tumors, and a tendency to pneumonia are cured most easily and simply with homeopathy.

    And what about the accusations that homeopathy is a “pseudoscience” and “wasted money”?

    We will have to see what interests guide these people. There will always be people who oppose homeopathy because they do not know about it, because they have not tried it, or because they have other interests and it is not in their interest for homeopathy to progress, because remember that it is very cheap.

    What, then, are the limits of homeopathy?

    If a patient comes to ask if we can cure him of something, we can never say yes or no. We have seen very serious diseases, such as cancer, that have been cured with homeopathy, and sometimes not. It is a mathematical matter. Sometimes, other diseases that are not so serious, such as psoriasis (chronic skin disease), I am afraid that we cannot cure; out of 10 cases of psoriasis, about 5 cases are cured.

    We also cannot treat all disorders of the glands, such as hypothyroidism, and hypopituitarism, they cannot be treated with homeopathy. We cannot cure diabetes; osteoarthritis (rheumatic disease) cannot be cured. The limits are 10% of the consultations, but 90% of the patients that come to us can be cured.

    When should we NOT go to a homeopath?

    The question is not when not to go; is when not to return. If you go to a homeopath and see you in 10 minutes, and prescribe a list of remedies, which are like 6 or 7 products, and you do not examine it, you do not take your blood pressure, you do not order a clinical study, you have to run away and never come back because he is a swindler.

    The true homeopath –that is, the one who does unicist medicine– will be with the patient for 1 or 2 hours, questioning him about his history, from when he was born until now, looking for the causes of the imbalance or the illness that he has up to now. And he goes to look for the remedy that corresponds to you. If 10 patients come to the consulting room with a gastric ulcer, all 10 patients will leave that room with a different remedy.

    In allopathy, the 10 patients leave with the same medicine, because there is no individualization. That is why you have to know the patient very well.

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