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    In a troubled world like the one we live in today, you need to take a moment and devote yourself to meditation. With the rise of technology, this practice is increasingly present and today you can begin to enjoy it through multiple formats and tips that are offered in a series of Apps so that you learn to achieve the connection with your “inner self”.

    Today and although it seems a bit contradictory, the fitness motto of “being totally disconnected from technology to meditate, reflect, breathe and avoid stress“, countless mobile App stores present all their proposals to meditate, and learn techniques for mindfulness.

    Meditation and mindfulness are two inseparable techniques because whatever the method or tradition to meditate. The first step is to train your attention. This is how the co-founder of the Bambú App: Cándida Vivalda announces.

    Likewise, Vivalda, a specialist in yoga and mindfulness, expressed “we are in a moment in which satisfaction should be sought inwardly thus it is necessary to stop the accelerated pace in which we currently live.”

    Get to know these guided meditation proposals

    The App search stores are full of Meditation Apps, some of which stand out for being free while others need paid subscription.

    Most of these Apps teach you, among other things, how to meditate correctly, they establish practices for specific moments. Its features include eating healthier and more confidently.

    Which one to download?

    Here are some of the best:


    This App is currently available for Android and iOS systems. Its name comes from the ancient plant of the bamboo root.

    It is structured in three major stages referring to the growth of Bamboo. Like the evolution that the plant is having. The process starts from the roots, it is the beginning. A way to get acquainted. Later we find the growth this stage is characterized by longer sections of greater concentration and depth.

    Finally “continuous development” is the last of the three phases contemplated by the App. This stage brings with it audios to handle specific problems. Where situations such as anxiety, depression, reluctance and addictions stand out.

    Among its main characteristics, this App works on various aspects such as flexibility, patience, resistance, wisdom, and other relevant aspects.


    Its structure can be conceptualized as software, it has its headquarters in San Francisco, California. Its aim is to devise products focused on mindfulness meditation.

    In the same way, they have also developed an App with the same name. It will be responsible for providing tools and steps to sleeping better, relax and begin to lead a calmer life.

    Its structure consists of presenting us relaxing videos. This App seeks that we have relaxing scenes before our eyes, that allow us to enjoy this entire sensation of calm and harmony.


    Within the structure presented by this App, a questionnaire must first be filled out with a series of important data, including age, the level of stress that the person normally handles degree of optimism, interests and tastes.

    After completing this step, the App will be responsible for sending daily relaxation sections depending on which ones best adapt to the particular inner conflict.

    Once the information is completed, the App will present you with the collection of options always thinking about improving your physical and mental health.

    Most of these Apps were created to achieve a balance between technology and leading a good lifestyle. Putting feelings like anger, frustration, and stress aside.

    The objective of them is that you not only use technology to stress up, but that rather, through them you can find a direct path to a more meaningful existence.

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