National Premiere of the Documentary: “Costa Rica por la Senda del Boyero”

The national premiere of the Documentary: “Costa Rica por la Senda del Boyero“, a special on the occasion of the XV Anniversary of the declaration of the “Boyeo” Tradition (Ages-old Oxen driven Carts built as rural transportation means for people and agricultural products) as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

The documentary is directed by the journalist Rogelio Barrantes, with the support of the San Carlos journalist Angela Ulibarrí and Diego Méndez, co-producers, Kattia Vega, announcer, Brian Gonzales, technical team and music by Manuel Obregón. It lasts 24 minutes and is an audiovisual contribution to the activity of Boyeo in the country throughout our history.

Solidifying the nation`s culture

It should be noted that the character of Costa Rica as a nation, arose thanks to our peasants who with oxen and carts built more than just infrastructure, they built a unique way of life.

The tradition of the Boyeo and the typical Costa Rican cart was declared Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity on November 25th, 2005, that is why we recommend you enjoy this documentary. “Costa Rica along the Boyero path”, a journalistic gift from Don Rogelio Barrantes for the Big Boyera family and all the citizens of the country.

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