Crocs in the Beaches of Costa Rica!

    A Boatman Records Them in Estero de Puntarenas

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    Holy Week is just around the corner. Many have suitcases ready to vacation, but there is an alert because crocodiles haunt the beaches especially Puntarenas. A boatman spotted the presence of several of these animals in the area of ​​the estuary.

    The moment was recorded in a video that this man made from the boat. He caught 2 crocodiles, of at least 3 meters long, when they walked on the sand and then got into the water. The appearance gave goosebumps to the spectator who, astonished, commented with another companion the size of those animals that can reach a length of 3 to 10 meters in length.

    Crocodile resting on the shore

    Depending on the species, they are greenish brown and with skin covered with very hard scales; its legs have a membrane between the toes for swimming, the tail is long, flattened laterally, and with 2 crests of little height in its upper part. In addition, with strong and sharp teeth and elongated snout, it is carnivorous and very fearsome for its voracity. It usually inhabits the great rivers of the intertropical regions.

    Although many believe that these reptiles only tolerate fresh water, where they are commonly seen, the truth is that they have the capacity to remain in salt water. Hence many locals are concerned because the place is frequented by bathers.

    If that pair of reptiles walk around, it is impossible to get into the water for fear of eating visitors. “This is a typical area of ​​distribution of crocodiles in the area of ​​the estuary and the animals could pass perfectly to the beach, the distance that there is in some parts of Puntarenas from the estuary to the beach is few meters”, commented Iván Sandoval, biologist of the National University (UNA).

    According to the School of Biological and Geographic Sciences of the UNA in the Central Pacific, there is a high incidence of crocodile cases and, in 2019, it can be argued that the drought causes reptiles to be close to people.

    In the Red Cross, they say that the mouth of the Tárcoles River to the sea influences a lot so that this takes place because the prehistoric descendants go down to the estuary. “At this time of year, we have little amount of water in the rivers, so we could expect there to be some concentration of animals in low areas or areas where there is water, in this case, the estuary”, Sandoval added.

    Many Costa Ricans work until next Friday and from Saturday they will leave their homes to the different beaches of the country, including Puntarenas, so the Red Cross warns tourists to be very careful to avoid any tragedy.

    “Before getting in, we recommend identifying with the locals if there is any eventuality with these animals to be far from the water and if any is seen then immediately notify 9-1-1 for them to make the catch. It is recommended not to approach or give them food or even reach the point where they are for safety”, said Carlos Herrera, National Head of Pre-hospital Care of the Red Cross.

    Experts say that it is normal for crocodiles to be in those territories and advise to maintain the respective precautions.

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