New Fashion Trend: Tattoos that Look Like Embroidery

Tattoo World Does Not Know Limits!

There are 2 arts that require skillful use of the needle and that have merged to give rise to something unique and original: the art of embroidery, and the art of tattooing.

The tattoo world does not seem to know limits. One of the latest trends generated is to create on the skin the optical effect of embroidery that, thanks to the color and its volumes, seems to be sewn on the skin.

By watching this gallery of images, we find impressive textures, colors, shapes, and even the seams that can be created with a needle, but not embroidery, if not ink. These meticulous works, full of detail and requiring patience, deceive the eye and the mind by their level of realism.

This new trend focuses on expressing in the skin, to perfection, patterns typical of sewing, such as embroidery thread, cross stitch, crochet or crochet, taking to a new level: the “trompe l’oeil” tattoos.

Some of the new embroidery tattoo designs

Many designs are a contemporary version of a timeless technique; the old school, naive air drawings, flowers or animated characters are likely to pass through the filter of the oldest sewing techniques.

There are no limits to create, the limits are only in the head of the one who proposes and who creates. We wish they were so easy and so magical to create other patches, put on other patches and so on.

SOURCEEstilo de Vida
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