Your Skin Soft and Sexy All Year

Tips for Keeping Your Skin Healthier

Between the excesses of parties and the hussles to recover from a great event, you have barely had time to think about your healthy skin beauty routine. But here we will give you the solution, a plan that includes everything from the head to toe and whose results you can begin to see before another great event.

Care for your skin

Extreme temperatures, over heating, air conditioning, environmental dryness, all this steals moisture from the skin. As a response, it is dried out and filled with spots and scars, so dermatologists recommend buying a humidifier to increase environmental humidity and follow these steps to regain its natural radiance.

Get rid of spots on the skin

Use a lactic acid cleanser to remove red spots.

Detach the dead skin

As it is easy for creams to penetrate a skin free of squamous cells, incorporate an exfoliation cream to your beauty routine. The softer the exfoliator is the better, and use it only twice a week.

Choose a powerful moisturizer

What provides the best hydration possible are those that are rich in antioxidants, that fight free radicals and in a short time make the skin look and feel better, and in the long term soften wrinkles. Powerful moisturizers contain vitamins A, C and, grape seed extract, lycopene, pomegranate, and olive oil. Another important ingredient is a moisturizing hyaluronic acid cream that causes moisture to penetrate the skin giving instant smoothness. Apply moisturizer by patting instead of massaging the skin. Moisture increases blood flow, which allows a better penetration of the product.

Pamper your lips

Lips are a delicate duo at any temperature. The outer layer of their skin, protects between 50% and 70% finer than the face, which makes them particularly fragile and prone to dehydration and cracking. Only the act of involuntary passing and suddenly the tongue through the lips throughout the day may be enough to cause the skin to crack.

Seal the lips’ sensuality

Remove the dead cells and flakes with a facial scrub, and then apply a hydrating lip balm with petrolatum that seals moisture and creates a barrier that protects them. During the winter, avoid lipsticks with flavors and aromas, not only are they a potential source of irritation, but they can make you pass your tongue through the lips more frequently than usual.

Select the right temperature

If the temperature is very hot, the skin suffers because of so much sweat, but if temperature is too cold it also loses moisture due to what is called sauna stage, meaning the thick clothes that you use to protect yourself from the cold provokes an effect similar to that of a sauna, making you sweat when you enter a warm room. When the steam on the surface dries, moisture evaporates from the skin and with it its silky smoothness.

Take short, warm showers

Long baths with warm water steal the natural oils from the skin and it is also advisable to use a moisturizing soap or bath lotion.

Brush the body

Exfoliate it to loosen the dead skin, activate circulation and stimulate the absorption of the humectant. You can use a traditional exfoliator for the body, or try the new and popular technique of spas that consists of dry rubbing the skin with a natural hairbrush.

Hydrate right away

Apply a cream full of antioxidants no more than three minutes after leaving the bathroom to seal the moisture of freshly showered skin.

Care for hands and feet

If there are parts of the body that need extra attention, it is hands and feet, so often mistreated. Neither the palm of the hands nor the top and bottom of the feet have sebaceous glands and are more prone to dryness and cracks, in addition the body maintains its temperature by reducing the flow of blood to the tips of the fingers, which it means less hydration in the extremities and as a result more dryness and open cuticle. Mix four drops of rose or geranium essential oil, it will soften and heal cracked skin.

Polish your nails

Massage the cuticles with an adequate cream, and polish the nails with a chamois polisher. You will make more blood flow to the area, which helps keep nails stronger and healthier.

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