Costa Ricans Will Be Able to Choose Which Last Name they Want their Child to Have

    Ticos deputies want to reform the law

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    The deputies of the Broad Front (FA), want to reform two articles of the Civil Code and one of the Family Code, through a bill, so that parents can choose the order they want in the surnames at the time of registering the newborn, as well as when registering the surnames of a person who was adopted.

    In the project they also propose that, if the parents cannot agree within three days on the order of the surnames, the Civil Registry would put the mother’s surname as the first.

    Respecting culture and traditions

    Likewise, in the proposal they ask that all the processes of registration of names and surnames in the Civil Registry must consider and respect the culture, sociolinguistic characteristics and traditions, providing assistance to the populations.

    They also state that the order of the surnames with which the first child is registered will determine the order established for the following consanguineous or adopted children of the same parents.

    The deputy Antonio Ortega, is the promoter of the project and assures that the current law violates the right to equality and is contrary to the provisions of international treaties.

    Eradicating gender roles and stereotypes

    “We have the responsibility to eradicate gender roles and stereotypes, one of them is to give preference to the use of the man’s surname over that of the woman, since fathers and mothers of families should have the possibility to choose the order of the surnames, in virtue of the principle of autonomy of the will and equality”, said Ortega.

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