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    If you want to enjoy nature in its maximum splendor, surely a trip to Costa Rica has already passed through your head: Active volcanoes, tropical forests, wild fauna and virgin beaches are some of the attractions that will make you opt for this unique destination and get to know the «Pura vida» first-hand

    Before landing in Costa Rica, internalize its philosophy well. “Pura vida” is much more than a cliché, it symbolizes the locals’ way of dealing with day-to-day life. Without worries, with a calm rhythm and enjoying any detail that is in your way. What else do you need when you are in a paradise like this? So now you know your new mantra: “Pura vida.”

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    Discover the force of nature: land of volcanoes

    One of the most iconic images of Costa Rica is that of its active volcanoes. The Arenal volcano stands out among all, one of the most beautiful and impressive in the world at 1,670 meters. Although it has been resting for some years (since 2011 it has not spewed lava), its energy is still latent and makes us see around it a small halo of smoke that, at least, makes us continue to have the respect that this great colossus deserves. Around it, a national park has been created, Arenal Volcano National Park, with a spectacular viewpoint of the volcanic cone, a lake with hot springs and numerous trails that allow us to observe the passage of ancient lava rivers.

    If you have time on your trip, do not hesitate to visit the Poás volcano -an active volcano with one of the largest craters in the world located in the central volcanic mountain range- and the Irazú volcano -the highest in Costa Rica, it has five craters and breathtaking views.

    Cradle of biodiversity: natural parks

    Due to its geographical position and the variety of climates it presents, Costa Rica is considered one of the countries with the most biodiversity in the world. The culture of caring for their territory that they have helps a lot, since 25% of it is declared a protected area.

    A good example is the Manuel Antonio National Park, which is a perfect combination of rainforest, beaches and coral reefs. If we walk its trails, we can meet sloths, squirrel monkeys, iguanas and crabs among many other animal species that populate the park. We can finish our visit by resting or snorkeling at the paradisiacal beaches of Manuel Antonio or Espadilla Sur.

    For its part, the Tortuguero National Park is one of the wildest and most diverse areas in Costa Rica. Here we can see from the famous poison frogs to the green turtles for which it takes its name. And it is that this point is one of the main spawning places for this endangered species.

    Corcovado National Park, named after the volcano that presides there, is one of the most unexplored in the area. You can access it by plane or by boat and, once on land, you will have before you more than 41,000 hectares full of flora and fauna ready to surprise you. Open your eyes wide to see if you can locate the iconic red-eyed toad, tapirs or parrots among others.

    Virgin beaches: surf, relax and whale watching

    If after so much nature we want to opt for a beach time, we cannot miss the Tamarindo area, with virgin beaches such as the Conchal Reserve. In addition to swimming in crystal clear waters, we can practice the south and even spot humpback whales.

    The Costanera Sur or route 34, will take us to a multitude of virgin beaches. It should be noted Playa Dominical, a very extensive beach where we can surf in the rockier areas or relax a little further away; Ventanas beach, a small beach with some quite spectacular rocky caves or Playa Uvita, located in the Whale Tail Park and where we can dedicate ourselves to whale watching.

    Do not hesitate, Costa Rica is the destination you are looking for! Get ready not to stop repeating “Pura vida”

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