Costa Rican Families Defend Direct Adoption

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    The figure of direct adoption has been a topic of discussion between authorities and families for several years. Although the National Children’s Trust (PANI) seeks to eliminate this type of process, others defend it.

    A mother who received her child by direct adoption was interviewed. She preferred not to reveal her name, but she told her story and the reasons why she considers that this process has many more benefits than disadvantages.

    In her case, the first opportunity she had was in 2018; but, in the end, the mother stopped responding to their messages and she disappeared. A year later, the moment they had longed for 12 years arrived: trying to have a son or daughter. “A friend calls us and tells us about a case. She tells us that the lady wants to hand him over, that she does not want him to stay in the PANI because they suffer a lot there, etc. So I got in touch with the parent and the lawyer and we met her”, she explained.

    She assures that it was a 42-year-old woman, 8 months pregnant, who, due to personal circumstances, wanted to give up the child. From the first time they spoke, both were clear that there would be no money involved. She “she told us: ‘I am going to tell you the truth, I have been looking for families, but no one has given me a click that she is sure she can give them this baby’. And we already got all the papers and did everything that corresponded”, she added.

    They even made an act that if the mother died in childbirth, the future adopter could keep the child. For them, the whole process was sent by God, who gave them the necessary signs for it to be successful.

    Their personal experience

    This pair of parents considers that the direct adoption process was much more agile than a direct one with the PANI. However, the authorities intend to eliminate this figure because “it is a risky process, since it responds to the wishes of adults and not to the total well-being of children”. The procedure lasted 1 year and 7 months, and they have had their son since he was 2 days old; now he is 3 years old.

    The woman concluded by calling on those responsible to assess the future of direct adoption. They ask that, instead of removing it completely, they try to make it more rigorous and secure. “It is the best there can be in the sense that it is a much faster process (…). This has its pros and cons: one does not have to go through all the PANI bureaucracy that lasts for years and years. Many times some babies go to the PANI and it takes years for them to be adopted due to all the research processes”, she concluded.

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