Costa Rican Craft Brewery Starts Exporting to China and Russia

They Add a Long Fermentation and Conditioning Process to Their Premium Beer

After 5 years of actively participating in the development of the independent craft beer market, the Treintaycinco brewery will enter to compete in the premium industrial beer market with its new brand 35 Extra Premium Lager.

International Lager type beer (BCJP ’15) is similar to the industrial lagers that have been commonly consumed in the country, but with the difference of adding a long process of fermentation and conditioning and the use of top quality ingredients.

Craft beer dispenser

“The scale of production we have allows us to enter that segment. We have seen the good reception that our products have, not only in international competitions where we have harvested more than 25 medals in recent years but in our incursion by exporting to highly competitive markets”, said José Acosta, Sales and International Expansion Manager.

The launch will be from next December 10 in a chain of supermarkets, where they can acquire it for a value of ¢ 1.300 per unit and the 6-pack for ¢ 7.265.

Beer can also be obtained in bars and specialized stores from the 2nd half of December and the incorporation to the rest of supermarkets and stores will take place during the first months of 2019. “Our vision is that there is a more and better beer in the national market. With this 35 Extra Premium Lager we intend to open a door for new consumers to discover the versatility of the national independent beer”, added Acosta.

The company, of a national capital, already sent a container of beers to Russia and another one to China, as part of its internationalization process, in which it has received support from the Foreign Trade Promoter (Procomer).

They also sell their products in Guatemala and Panama. Currently, they have 13 types of permanent craft beer and another number that varies and rotates according to the season.

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SOURCEJuan Pablo Arias
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