Costa Rican Artist Gave Pope Francis a Virgin Of The Angels Mosaic

    Costa Rica is the only country that has its patron saint represented twice in the Vatican

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    Costa Rican artist Paula Sáenz had the opportunity to give Pope Francis a mosaic of the Virgin of the Angels. From Rome, Sáenz described the experience and opportunity to exhibit her art in the Vatican and also donate some works.

    “In the audience with the Pope I had the opportunity to exchange more words with him and explain the project of making reproductions for low-income parishes. Talking with him gives a feeling of being with someone from the family, he puts all his attention on the words that each one of us says to him and also asks,” Sáenz said.

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    This is the second time that Sáenz has the opportunity to be with the Pontiff. In October 2021, her mosaic of the Virgin was unveiled in the Vatican gardens. In addition, on this occasion she took the opportunity to give him a copy of his book, the development of the Virgin of the Angels mosaic.

    A cradle of sacred art

    “The book has a compilation of how the mosaic was made, from the collection of the embedded stones and the different masses to bless them. “For me it is very important to spread the faith through art and expose Costa Rica worldwide, the Vatican City is the cradle of sacred art,” the artist stressed.

    Costa Rica is the only country that has its patron saint represented twice in the Vatican, which motivated the creation of the book. This Costa Rican artist began at the age of 18 illustrating dedications of the Virgin for children, evolving to write iconography inspired by Byzantine and colonial art.


    Pope Francis blessed 50 reproductions of the mosaic image, which were made on museum and certified paper. “We are getting sponsorship to be able to deliver it to low-income parishes that have a frame and a certificate of authenticity.

    “At the moment we are notifying through social networks to the parishes that are interested so that they can communicate with us,” explained Saénz. Interested people can write privately on the Facebook or Instagram page “Paula in the forest” or via WhatsApp to the number 6109-5754.

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