Costa Rica Will Install 34 Fast Charging Centers for Electric Vehicles

    Users Will Charge 80% of their Vehicles’ Battery in an Estimated Time of 20 Minutes

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    Last Tuesday, the map -where the fast charging centers for electric vehicles will be located- was unveiled for December 2019. At the same time, the decree that regulates the location of all the loading points to be placed by the electricity distributors was signed in accordance with the Law of Incentives and Promotion for Electric Transportation.

    Map of the new fast charging stations for electric vehicles in Costa Rica

    The activity took place in the Substation of the Compañía Nacional de Fuerza y ​​Luz in Paso Ancho, where a fast loading center was inaugurated with the participation of First Lady, Claudia Dobles, the Minister of Environment and Energy, Carlos Manuel Rodríguez, and the Executive President of the Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE), Irene Cañas.

    “Today we announce the first 34 fast-loading centers that will be installed by December, and that will allow the national population and tourists to move in an electric vehicle throughout the country without fear of running out of battery. It’s about fast charging, where people will load 80% of their vehicle’s battery in an estimated time of 20 minutes”, commented the First Lady.

    The Minister of Environment commented that “in presenting the Decarbonization Plan, Costa Rica made clear our commitment to become a modern, green, emission-free, resilient and inclusive economy. This means electrifying transport and ensuring the population a recharging infrastructure network that allows users of electric vehicles to travel throughout the national territory”.

    The first loading points that will be installed by December of this year, 33 are from Grupo ICE (29 from ICE and 4 from the National Company of “Fuerza y ​​Luz”), and one located in Cartago from the Administrative Board of the Electric Services of Cartago.

    “We are pleased that the ICE Group continues marking its technological leadership for the benefit of the country, we carry out an analysis work and through public-private partnerships we are placing the load centers in strategic points that allow people to carry out other activities while loading their vehicle”, explained Cañas.

    As part of the activity, the Regulation was signed by Decree No. 41642-MINAE for the construction and operation of the network that defines where the cargo centers should be located, to which the affiliated distributors will add during 2020 to the Chamber of Companies of Energy Distribution and Telecommunications.

    Some of the established provisions are the following:

    IT platform- The Regulation also establishes the creation of a computer platform for the operational management and charging of the cargo network, in which Grupo ICE already works in coordination with the other distributors.

    Users can access the platform using an App through a mobile device or through a web page, where they can make the reservation of the charger, as well as the payment management of the electricity consumed, through a purse that will be linked to a card of credit or debit. The platform will also include the map for the search of the recharging stations, the prepayment management and information through a call center.

    Location of fast loading centers- Distributors will define the exact location where the recharge centers will in, considering stable internet access, security conditions, public service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, current or new routes with high traffic flow, topographic aspects, and proximity to sites tourist interest, developments of national interest, and residential or commercial complexes.

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