How to Know Burglars are Watching Your Home

Protecting our home is not an easy task

Protecting our home is not an easy task, especially in these times when hundreds of burglaries occur every hour.

Home security

According to a report by Safe, At Last, 65% of burglars know their victims. Hence, we also have to at least find a way to know our potential home burglars. We must be alert, and always be aware of our surroundings. Most times, there are signs that we can detect before someone comes to steal in our house. These are some of them:

  1. Signs in the house

There is a lot of literature about the signs that thieves use to mark and classify their future victims. If we find symbols (triangle, rhombus, circle, an x, etc) painted or marked with a punch on the door, mailbox or telephone, we must notify the police as we can be potential victims of a robbery.

  1. Advertising on the house door

Do they constantly leave the same real estate magazine under the door? The same calendar? The same advertising hanger on the knob? Do they constantly leave you the same menu of pizza or fast food stuck in the door? It can be a way of measuring how long it takes you to remove it, to know if you are going on a trip or if you leave your house alone on weekends.

  1. Little witnesses at the door
Broken window

One of the methods burglars use to check if the houses are empty is to put on the door small witnesses or almost imperceptible markers such as a piece of paper, plastic or cellophane. If the witness remains intact in its place, it means that there is no one inside the house.

  1. Calls always at the same time of the day?

Do you receive calls to your landline every day at the same time? Does anyone answer when you pick it up? Do they always call your door phone and it turns out that they have made a mistake? It is very possible that the thieves are studying our daily schedules, so it may be a sign that they are watching us.

If someone rings the doorbell, and when you open, they give you an illogical excuse, they may be waiting for you to leave. If you catch them in a lie, we recommend you ask several questions. For example, if they say they offer a service, ask the address of the office.

  1. Vaseline in the peephole

One of the most recent practices to monitor the behavior of the tenants is also to put petroleum jelly in the peepholes of the houses. If nobody cares about cleaning it, it will serve as a “green light” for intruders.

  1. Burglars who pose as professionals
CCTV mounted on house exterior wall.

They can pose as employees of the electricity or cable company. If an uninvited person wants to enter your house and behaves very insistent, do not allow them. And if you do, ask for their ID and take a picture.

Check out the information below to learn more about home breaking and how to prevent a future occurrence.

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