Costa Rica Will Host “Taste Tomorrow 2024”

    Recent research from Taste Tomorrow reveals that consumers in Latin America, including Costa Rica, show a growing interest in gastrointestinal health and plant-based foods

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    Puratos is preparing for the presentation of Taste Tomorrow, this in-person event will take place in San José, capital of Costa Rica. It is worth emphasizing that this study seeks to share with its clients the new behaviors, attitudes and choices of global and local consumers, a perspective on where the food industry is today and where it will go tomorrow, through market insights from anywhere. part of the world. Therefore, it will be of great benefit to those involved in the industry to attend.

    Its objective is to have global trends through the study carried out with consumers in the bakery, pastry and chocolate sectors. Taste Tomorrow is also a reliable and trusted source of information for companies in the food industry, helping them make informed decisions.

    Recent research from Taste Tomorrow reveals that consumers in Latin America, including Costa Rica, show a growing interest in gastrointestinal health and plant-based foods.

    With 85% of consumers in the region expressing a desire for foods that improve gut health, and 69% actively purchasing plant-based options, this trend is transforming the industry and offering new opportunities for innovation and product development.

    Additionally, other data indicates that more than 11% of consumers in LATAM purchase bakery products online, and 53% order takeout online. Taste Tomorrow puts the consumer at the center of the debate, seeks to understand their needs, preferences and aspirations and helps companies create products that resonate with their target audience.

    This brand is the largest ecosystem in the world that was born 10 years ago for consumer understanding in bakery, pastry and chocolate. This is a patented program that monitors global trends by combining the latest digital technologies with artificial intelligence techniques. This month Costa Rica will have an in-person event where the local industry will be able to join.

    With Taste Tomorrow, Puratos carries out continuous monitoring that is complemented by the opinion of more than 17,000 consumers in 40 countries, receiving the opinion of 80 food fans in trend-setting cities and through interviews with both customers and food experts. sector.

    “For several years now, Costa Rica has been working together with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), promoting the adoption of sustainable modes of food consumption and production, which has allowed the country to be placed in the map of the most relevant gastronomic industry in the region,” highlights Evelyn González, vice president of Marketing for Latin America.

    Favorite of Costa Rican consumers

    According to data from Taste Tomorrow, eight out of ten Costa Rican consumers include bakery, pastry and chocolate products in their monthly budget. This data is complemented by a global trend-spotting network, extensive sensory research and unique partnerships with researchers, flavor houses and universities.

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