Costa Rica: The Favorite Destination of Spanish Families to Travel Abroad

    Along with Morocco, Thailand and Tanzania

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    The tourist campaign of the summer season has been a big step towards the long-awaited recovery. Spaniards are no longer afraid of traveling to distant destinations and the average budget per person has increased compared to the previous summer.

    According to data from the tourism startup, in the case of family trips, the most chosen destinations have been Costa Rica, Morocco, Thailand and Tanzania, and the average cost per person has been between 1,600 and 2,000 euros, which means an increase of between 8% and 28%. The average cost per person has been between 1,600 and 2,000 euros

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    In the words of Viola Migliori, tourist agent: “We are observing a very positive trend in the Spanish market, citizens have regained their enthusiasm for traveling outside the country and have had no qualms about increasing their spending in exchange. to enjoy experiences designed to measure by the local agencies of the destination countries, which is precisely what we do, promoting more sustainable, more responsible and more authentic tourism”.

    Sustained trend

    A sustained trend has been observed in recent times by Spanish travelers when choosing Costa Rica as their preferred destination, followed by others such as Thailand, Tanzania, Indonesia, Peru or Jordan. As for shorter-distance trips, the most popular countries are Italy, Greece, Scotland and Morocco.

    Similarly, the average ticket, or average cost per trip, stood at 5,200 euros, 10% more than in the summer of 2021, and even 25% more than in 2019, with an average stay of 12 days.

    Tailor-made trips

    With regard to preferences by type of trip, the experiences most in demand by nationals when designing their tailor-made trip have been, as usual, those related to nature and the beach.

    In addition, there has been a decline in road trips by private car, which in 2021 gained positions, and this year gastronomic trips have regained third place. Likewise, it is worth noting an increase in the demand for bicycle routes, which is shown as a trend that may grow in the future.

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