Costa Rica Ranks Third in the List of Countries with the Highest Contracting Expectations by the End of the Year

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    Costa Rica ranks third in a list of 41 countries on the intentions of companies to hire personnel during the period October, November and December 2022. The adjusted net employment expectation for Costa Rica stood at 52%. It was only surpassed by Brazil with 56% and India with 54%.

    The adjusted net employment expectancy is obtained by subtracting the number of employers who anticipate cuts from the number who project they will hire. Those who answered that they did not know at the time of the question were also taken into account.

    According to the Employment Outlook Survey by Manpower Group, approximately 60% of the companies consulted in Costa Rica will increase their payroll; 9% will decrease it and 28% remain unchanged. Another 3% did not know how to answer at the time of the question.

    According to Manpower Group, interviews were conducted with more than 400 employers in the country to obtain these results. The expectation for the last quarter of the year is 10 percentage points higher than the previous quarter (42%) and 41 percentage points higher than for the same period in 2021, when it stood at 11%.

    The greatest demand for personnel is located in the following categories:

    • Banking, finance and real estate: 63%

    • Construction: 62%

    • Wholesale and retail sales: 62%

    • Technology: 55%

    • Other services: 54%

    • Other industries: 53%

    On the other hand, it is the large companies (61% of them) that have the greatest intention to hire, all of them followed by micro (51%), small (47%), and medium (46%) companies. “In Central America, Costa Rica is the country that has shown the greatest confidence in the market to recover from the effects caused by the pandemic. Since 2021, it has been demonstrating its strong intentions to recover the economy beyond uncertainty”, said the regional general manager of Manpower Group for the Caribbean and Central America, Andrés Soto.

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