Costa Rica Is the Scene for Incredible Sightings of Unique Animal Species

    On special dates and not so much, the sightings of species in their full nature are increasingly fascinating for Ticos and tourists, learn about the most recent...

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    Costa Rica always has many good events to surprise its inhabitants and tourists, of course we are talking about its biodiversity. Without a doubt, walking in nature and appreciating the incredible animal species will be quite a spectacle for our eyes, and if we have a way to capture it at the moment, even better.

    In the Central American country, the sighting of various animals such as felines, whales, sloths, crocodiles, quetzals, among others is fascinating, of course as long as we are not in danger or neither are they.

    Swimming Puma

    For example, this past Holy Week, a group of people were able to observe a puma in the sea, you will ask, really? Apparently in Costa Rica, if we talk about nature, everything is possible.It turns out that the puma was seen trying to reach the coast, in the south of the country.

    The people who witnessed it highlighted that while they were in the boat it was difficult for them to recognize the animal at first, of course they were later astonished to notice that it was a puma.


    But be careful, because this was not the only sighting during Holy Week, another group of lucky tourists photographed a tapir and its baby.In the images, a Costa Rican doctor highlighted that it caught their attention as the mother noticed that her calf was approaching and they stepped aside so that she could feed it.

    Everything flowed so special because the observed species seemed unconcerned, without any rush or amazement for the people who did enjoy their presence in their full nature.

    A Jaguar

    The Tortuguero National Park now has a new member, defined as a “protector” of the place, we are referring to a large jaguar, which has been seen walking very calmly inside the park. If you see one what would you do?

    Regarding the observation of animal species

    In the different Costa Rican spaces, the country’s environmental authorities insist calling on visitors to respect their habitat, so that they do not harm them. It is also necessary that everyone continue contributing to the conservation of biodiversity in Costa Rica, actions that will always be of great relevance.

    Did you know where you can enjoy exotic animals like the quetzal on your vacation?

    Costa Rica has a suitable place to appreciate species such as the quetzals, precisely a National Park named in its decree as “Los Quetzales“.The park was inaugurated in April 2006, it has a territorial extension of 4,117.09 hectares.This incredible tourist site is characterized by bird watching; about 979 species of plants and 65 species of butterflies are recorded.

    Costa Rica with its infinite biodiversity does not stop surprising us, sightings of natural species always have a special and authentic touch that amazes us, for example, bird species with more than 800 identified and even the huge whales that for example, a few days ago the Costa Rican pilot Felipe Chávez captured images of them on Coyote beach.

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