Costa Rica is Breaking All Records This Year by Registering 40+ Degrees of Temperature

    Citizens must take necessary precautions

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    The heat wave that has engulfed the country in recent days persists, affecting various regions and bringing temperatures to levels that become, according to some, “unbearable.”

    In a recent report from the National Meteorological Institute (IMN), Cerro Huacalito in the province of Guanacaste has recorded a shocking maximum temperature of 41 degrees. Other places, such as Palo Verde and Sitio Negritos, also felt the rigor of the heat, reaching 40 and 39 degrees respectively.

    This increase in temperatures has set off alarms among skin health experts, who urge the population to take necessary precautions to avoid possible heat-related illnesses.Last Sunday, March 3 and Monday, March 4, Asada Sardinal took the record for the highest temperature, marking 37.8°C and 38°C on each day, respectively.

    Below is the list of places that experienced the highest temperatures this past week:

    – Cerro Huacalito: 41°C

    – Palo Verde: 40.3°C

    – Negritos Stand: 39°C

    – Cipanci, Cañas: 38.5°C

    – UCR Santa Cruz: 38.3°C

    – Guayabal: 38.2 °C

    – Manga Rica: 38.1 °C

    – Saint Helena: 38°C

    The population is urged to remain alert and take preventive measures to counteract the effects of this exceptional heat wave, which does not seem to subside easily.

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